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Family Outing

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The mouth-watering aroma flooded my nose as I entered a room full of patrons and food. I was mesmerized by the atmosphere of the restaurant. The sound of the music mixed with the clashing of utensils and plates, and the sizzling sound of food being cooked by professionals was all too familiar. It was here where my family had our very first high class dinner. As my parents were ordering from the menu, I was witnessing the chef preparing beef. He first placed the beef on a pan and poured oil over it. Then, he struck a match and lit the beef. A bright flame suddenly roared to life, evoking a few gasps from awe-filled kids. The flame died down as soon as it appeared and I was brought back to the restaurant as if waking up from a dream. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, I admired the restaurant. There were velvet carpeted floor, gleaming marbled walls along with elegant chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Luckily, our dishes came within minutes; otherwise the amount of saliva coming out from my greedy mouth could fill a cup! A delectable smell came from a plate with beef covered in black pepper sauce. I immediately seized a piece of beef to try as I was curious about the taste.

The skin was crispy but the meat was tender and warm. As I bit into it, the juice oozed out from within and filled my mouth. No words were able to describe the taste. It was so heavenly and irresistible that I could not help but to take another piece after another while competing with my family until the beef was all gone. All the dishes were luscious, even to the most basic, rice. The fragrance emitting from it was enough to make me want to swallow the whole bowl of it in one gulp. As our family ate, we took this chance to chat and bond as we seldom have time to eat together. We talked about events that happened in school, at work and understood each other more. After dinner, we went to the rooftop to admire the magnificent view of Singapore at night. The lights shining from the buildings were like stars in the sky. The breezy wind gave the place a relaxing atmosphere. We took pictures for memories and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. That was the most memorable family outing I ever had and it was the most enjoyable one too.

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