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Exper-Flite is a company based in North Carolina that manufactures and sells in-house experimental airplanes. William Harris and Anne Maubourget founded the company and manages it very democratically, characterized by their spirit of “intrapreneurship,” where internal innovation is rewarded by job satisfaction and movement. Company-developed sport and utility experimental airplanes are the core of Exper-flite’s business. Currently, there are three models of airplanes available, and the company provides a service center for home- or factory-built airplanes.

The design, engineering, and production departments have 90 employees; there is a service department with 20 employees; and a sales and marketing department. Exper-flite is relatively flat, and only the production department has subdepartments reporting to it.

Mabourget, founder and current COO, is determined to implement computer systems and an IS strategy in Exper-Flite. Since IS entails implementing technology to record, store, and disseminate information, it should coordinate with the organizational strategy and an overriding business strategy. An IS strategy’s success depends on the strength of the firm’s business objectives, tactics, and strategies. Any other dominating factor might not align well with the business strategy, which is the core of implementing any strategy in the first place.

The danger of implementing an IS strategy without formal changes in organizational strategies may result in logistical confusion. For example, laptops haphazardly distributed might result in improper storage of, and access to, information. While it might streamline processes, the security and efficiency threats involved may bring more risk than reward.

Another avenue is the Internet. Long-distance access and online advertising can help increase business. The organization should be able to maintain a secure environment that maintains the home-built concept of Exper-Flite with the convenience of online shopping. An example would be to provide an interactive tool for customers to manipulate online before placing an order for a plane.


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