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Fitzgerald Essays

Fitzgerald’s The Baby Party

The story focuses on the Andros family and their interaction with the Markey family. The Markey family set up a party for their baby and invited the Andros family. It is the first party to which the Andros’ young baby girl, Ede, has been invited to and this causes a …

How Fitzgerald Tells the Story in Chapter 7 of the Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 7 via retrospective narration, from the perspective of Nick Carraway, a self-conscious narrator, who is writing a novel of his own, within Fitzgerald’s novel. Fitzgerald uses many techniques to tell the story in chapter 7, namely pathetic fallacy, characterisation and the chronological revelation of …

Boil Some Water - Lots of It

The title of the story is very important. It helps us to understand the story better, to guess what can be the story about. The same situation with the story “Boil some water – lots of it” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “…a single imperative sentence, spoken by a doctor. “Boil …

The Great Gatsby Descriptive Pieces

The groups change more swiftly, swell with new arrivals, dissolve and form in the same breath; already there are wanderers, confident girls who weave here and there among the stouter and more stable, become for a sharp, joyous moment the center of a group, and then, excited with triumph, glide …

Compare the Great Gatsby and Hamlet

The great Gatsby book started with a man telling us his father advised him never to criticize anyone , he said his father told him he should remember that all this people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had and his father thought him how to be …

Gastby's Flawed Grail

The knightly quest for the grail, is a quest where hero’s search for objects that have great importance to them. During the medieval times, it was an adventure where individuals set off to attain something they truly desire. The grail can be anything from a rare piece of jewellery, or …

The Book Thief Dialectical Journal Assignment

The Assignment: 1. In your notebook, complete a dialectical journal** (two-column notes) in which you discuss your author’s language and style. (See “Ideas for Analyzing Text.”) 2. Meet the required number (15) of concrete details in your journal notes. * See the page labeled “How to Choose Quotations…” for these …

“Carelessness”, Moral Corruption and Materialism

“They were careless people.” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a novel about a man, who tries to make it rich by following the American Dream to pursue the love of his life. Through Gatsby pursuit of the American Dream, Fitzgerald illustrates the themes of “carelessness”, moral corruption, and …

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