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William Faulkner Essays

The Common Thread in William Faulkner’s Four Short Stories

William Faulkner’s stories usually contain similar element of a short story, which is genre, for the enhancement his short stories. William Faulkner is the most excellent figure in 20th Century American Literature and was also the pioneer of stream of consciousness, whereby the inner experience of a character in a …

The Past-Present Contrast in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”

            William Faulkner is well known for his use of imagery and symbolism in portraying the depth of his tales. Another literary device that he used in many of his works is contrast. Examining contrasts provides the readers clues to the meaning or messages the author wants to convey. Contrasts …

The Druggist in “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

             The druggist is a nameless character in the sentimental short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner but this character functions to move the plot forward in two significant ways. The story spans a period of more than forty years with references to a time before that when …

William Faulkner’s Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury was published around the time of the onset of the Great Depression in America towards the ending of 1920’s.  It was Faulkner’s fourth novel, first major critical success, a literary masterpiece, and often considered to be the best among all of Faulkner’s considerable fictional output. …

“A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner

The brilliantly written story “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner holds various themes and symbols that can be interpreted in several ways. This short story is about Emily Grierson’s life through the eyes of the townspeople in a small, old southern town. It starts with the odd relationship between …

William Faulkner: Short Story of Explication, a Rose for Emily

•One thing that “A Rose for Emily” has in common with the sketches is over the subject of feminism. Faulkner is thought to have been a feminist, while the writings of Irving and Hawthorne, clearly portray non-feministic ideas. Hawthorne and Faulkner also share a tendency to write about dark, heavy …

Cash Bundren

William Faulkner’s As I lay Dying is about a poor family’s struggle to cope with the death of their mother Addie and transport her body to the Jefferson Cemetery. Their father Anse is a low life, he is only traveling with them to Jefferson so he can get himself a …

Comparison of Glass Menagerie, The Yellow Wallpaper and A Rose for Emily

Literature is full of characters who go through mental torture at the hands of an individual or at the hands of the society. As a result, they become “neurotic.” Some of these characters are those that have stood by the test of time and are remembered even today by readers …

"The Masque of the Red Death'' by Edgar Allen Poe vs. "A Rose for Emily'' by William Faulkner

Most notably recognized for their strange and bizarre stories, both Edgar Allen Poe and William Faulkner wrote several disturbing narratives. As such, it is not surprising to find that Poe’s story, “The Masque of the Red Death,” and Faulkner’s tale, “A Rose for Emily,” have much in common. Among their …

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