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Entrance Essay For Consulting Company

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One of the greatest challenges of my past five years was the cross-cultural problems I had to overcome when I went to study in the US when I was in middle school. I spent nearly eight years away from home and was able to obtain a degree in the US. It was difficult enough to sort out cultural issues when I moved abroad, and even more difficult to cope with the re-entry shock on return home. I had to reflect a lot on my cultural and human identity as I fought to adjust to life in my home country.

I had a chance to gain extensive experience working in the investment banking department and Investor Relations team after return to my home. In my view, this was a challenging but enriching moment of my career that taught me to cope with problems in the workplace. I spen two years on this job and was able to see the real world and real life. Even though I decided to quit this first job a few months ago, I believe this was the formative time for me as a professional that shaped me as an active and knowledgeable professional. At times, I look back on my first job with regret thinking that I could have spent more time learning the intricacies of the profession.

The greatest benefit of my working experience was the stronger confidence in my own abilities and future achievements. I am positive that in my future career I will be able to overcome any impatience and indecisiveness I might have had in my first work. My short working experience, in my opinion, was just a step towards a better and much brighter life for me.

During the several months that have elapsed after I left my job, I worked hard to develop myself as an outsider and insider. Now I am ready for fresh challenges and am seeking for an assignment that will help me to develop my expertise and professional skills. I am confident that I have strong abilities which will yield equally impressive results after several years. I hope to find a job that will open a way to a brighter future where I will be able to apply my abilities and energy.

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