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Electrol Collage

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1. What is the minimum number of states that a candidate needs to win in order to win the election? What are those states?

2. Given recent years’ results and current voting trends; create a scenario in which the Electoral College vote results in a tie. How would the U.S. select a president in this scenario?

3. What states gained electoral votes since the 2008 election? What states lost electoral votes since that election? What geographic trends do you notice from the states that gained/lost votes? What are possible reasons for these results?

In 2008 election many southern states became a democrat and the reason behind it is that southern state represents most of nation’s minority population. In this election following States went from Republican to Democrat: NV, AZ, CO, NM, IA, MO, OH, VA, NC, FL

The reasons behind it are following:
Bush’s (a republican) approval rating dropped more quickly, with the Iraq War and the federal response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 being most detrimental to the public’s perception of his job performance In the election of 2008 first time in the history of united states a minority candidate was running for the office which resulted in increased minority vote and participation

4. Using the result maps since 1992, which states have voted both Democratic and Republican in separate elections? What can be concluded about these states and their role in the election compared to other states that have voted for only one party over these elections?

5. Which two states use the district method? How does this differ from the winner-take-all method? What are the pros and cons to this method? Maine and Nebraska are the only two states which uses district method

6. In which election did a candidate win the popular vote, yet lost the Electoral College vote and therefore the election? How is this possible?

7. Since 1900, how many Republican candidates have been elected president? How many Democratic candidates have been elected president? Were there any trends for one party? What reasons might explain these trends?

Candidates who have been have been elected president since 1900 Republican
William McKinley (elected 1900)
Woodrow Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt (elected 1904)
Franklin Roosevelt
William Howard Taft (elected 1908)
Harry Truman
Warren Harding (elected 1920)
John Kennedy
Calvin Coolidge (elected 1924)
Lyndon Johnson
Herbert Hoover (elected 1928)
Jimmy Carter
Dwight Eisenhower (elected 1952 and 1956)
Bill Clinton
Richard Nixon (elected 1968 and 1972)
Barack Obama
Ronald Reagan (elected 1980 and 1984)

George H. W. Bush (elected 1988)

George W. Bush (elected 2000 and 2004)

Certainly there been more Republican Presidents Since 1900
8. What was the location for the Democratic National Convention in 2012? For Republican National Convention in 2012? Why did each party select these locations for their conventions?

Democratic National Convention of 2012 was in Charlotte, North Carolina, the purpose behind it was to secure North Carolina because in the previous election of 2008 North Carolina changed to Democrat from republican, It was expected that Charlotte’s hosting of this event would generate more than $150 million for Charlotte and surrounding metropolitan areas and bring over 35,000 delegates and visitors and NC worth 15 electoral vote which means losing North Carolina could result in favorable Election for Republican Party

The 2012 Republican National Convention was held in Tampa Florida the reason behind it was that the Host Committee was composed of 10 prominent Florida business executives, civic leaders, and other community leader as a result the Committee raised more than $55,000,000 to host the 2012 Republican National Convention.

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