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Achieving Strategic Goals and Objectives

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Prior to start writing on investigated objectives of the research, it is very important to clarify the background of the topic. In this research the literature review will give an understanding about the topic, its plans and models between employee’s performance punctuality, performance commitment and their responsive interaction against students for resolving their academic affairs. The main purpose of this research is to investigate and clarify “performance metrics of Kunduz university employees”. In our daily professional life, time management and its punctual behavior of performance and commitment toward our own responsibilities are crucial for gaining our strategic goals and objectives. In order to have a productive management system inside the public institutions, we do need to have fruitful performance and maintain active and committed toward our assigned responsibilities and accept all rules and regulations of the institution respectively. Its vital important for both the management team and employees to understand the strategic vision and mission of the university and at all the ministry of higher education on national base, later on, every individual employee is accountable for implementing the accepted rules/regulations and commands of the institution for what he/she has been assigned and paid for, additionally it’s the responsibility of the manager to have strict follow up and supervision of all personals on daily, weekly and monthly bases and have a standard monitoring and evaluation system inside the institution. The manager would motivate and rewards those who are committed for their assignments and responsibilities and should promote them accordingly, on the other hand, those who have been found in violence or disruption and not humble to their responsibilities should be punished and demoted accordingly, these steps should be transparent and constructive for the betterment of the institution.

Performance appraisals systems exist in a vast majority of organizations, particularly large multinational companies. In the last 15 years, researchers have focused performance punctuality from the perspective of employee, how much the employees are committed toward their responsibilities and what are the motivation rewards and how they perceive performance appraisal process (Brown, 2010).

Therefore, this section will start by focusing on a review of definitions of performance management, performance appraisal and motivation and how pay and bonus are linked to performance appraisal.

Performance definition

One of the key responsibilities of a company at both administrative and individual level is evaluating and managing performance of its employees, from initial planning to achieving that plan takes a huge step toward the journey of achieving something large and improving performance (Brudan, 2010). One can even call that performance is one of the most used term, which an employee or the employer uses it regularly and which reveal or reflect the growth of their journey and which also shows the future of where they would be reaching with that growing positive performance. Sometimes it is difficult to define even the simplest term and performance does sure come under that. As performance has various explanations and understanding, which can lead a sentence to a totally different meaning, so it must be included that from which perspective or point of view the performance has been interpreted.

When it comes to performance from management’s point of view, it could be about personal performance or individual performance or the performance of the team or it can also be an organizations performance (Brudan, 2010).  

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