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Eddie is strong but flawed hero in ‘Mabo’

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Mabo is the story of one man’s life. He has passion and is delectated to the legal batter of his land. Eddie is strong in the film and are able to face adversity and fight for what is wright and support those who are vulnerable. There are other strong character in the film such as Eddie’s wife. She supports him and without her Eddie could not of achieved the legal battle with the support and love from others. Eddie is strong in himself and succeeds in his challenges. He keeps a relationship between colleagues, his lawyer, his friend and wife. This is how he succeeds in the legal challenge. In the film Mabo in 2012 Eddie (Koiki) Mabo is flawed because he is not the natural son of Benny Mabo or because he drinks and is once violent towards his wife Benita. All of these flaws are opposite of Eddie Mabo who wants to make a difference to the society. The Director, Rachel Perkins shows this film and let the people and audience know about inherent and how it is difficult to go through the high court. He has consequences and sacrifices during his life and justice. Eddie knows his flaws and weakness when he tells Netta about “I wished I spent more time at home with the kids when they were growing up … It was for you to grow’em up.

I’m sorry I didn’t help you more how it was hard for you to grow them up and I didn’t help you” And “now I realise my children have become beautiful children…” Eddie has strength and it lies in his connection with his cultural from the island. He also shows his persistence in fighting for that land and culture rights. Eddie is a strong hero as he fights for Indigenous rights in lots of ways with Housing cop community schools, unions. When he decides to take Mabo case to the High Court he has to make some decision about his appeals. it as either about “it’s about Eddie Mabo’s land or either “If I don’t and then you take it to the High Court, it’s about all the blackfellas”. The one time Bonita speaks out against his case and saying “what if you don’t win” Eddie becomes violent. On though he is flawed and wants to win the case to get some respect, Eddie still loves his family. In the end Eddie is a strong but flawed hero in Mabo. He is a family man that cares for Netta and regrets that he did not spend more time with children, proud of the people his children became. He becomes a flawed hero after he has won the Mabo case.

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