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Eating Disorders and the Chase for the Perfect Body by Young Girls and Runway Models

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As her heels touch the ground making a shattering noise, The Impeccable Detail of Her sweetly sewn Dress glued to her gaunt body Infatuates The minds of the snarky critics. A young girl aside her Mother appears to be the only one noticing each angular bone pop out of her body. Known as a role model for extremely young girls, The models give off an idea of societies “perfect body” and influence young girls to look the same. Although, The young girl does not know how much she has to sacrifice to become one of these extremely tony superiors. Young girls from 12-16 starve themselves to become the “perfect body” and be accepted into the Industry that cause eating disorders, depression and Anxiety. 99% of runway models can be categorized under the disorder of anorexia to achieve their perfect weight goal. A decade ago, girls plus sizes ranged between sizes 12 through 18 although, Plus size models now range from sizes 6 to 14. (mirror mirror) By requesting girls at a young age to walk the catwalk, They can be starting Early eating disorders for girls ages 10 and up. Models like Tyra Banks have protested against the fashion industry and rebelled against starving herself for work. These models are giving off the wrong impression on young girls but who is to blame. The models? Or the Critics?

Several Young girls will fight for a spot on a Lincoln center catwalk but who are they fighting other models or themselves? Depression can be caused by helplessness and loneliness over a long period of time. Several models have constantly been told they were not good enough and had to become, skinner, taller, prettier or several things that most cannot change about themselves, to be a part of this type of work. Telling young women this can cause things like depression, self harm , eating disorders, severe plastic surgery, etc. We should be teaching girls to love and embrace there bodies no matter what, That they are perfect the way they are, instead of compelling them to change. Companies like Aerie have started campaigns refusing to photoshop there models and are aiming to persuade other companies to move towards this positive progression as well. Although companies can create campaigns, how can we truly support and help young girls with body issues and stress?

The pressure to do well and be perfect accompanies every teenage girl, Especially with a drive of motivation to become even closer to societies idea of “perfection”. The average person knows no one is perfect and that you are Perfect in your own way, but Models may have another side to the approach of this saying. Although, The harder a Model Tries to reach this goal, The more Frustrated she can become Causing Panic attacks. Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder in which you have repeated attacks of intense fear that something bad will happen, not very uncommon for any one of any age. It is Frustrating Constantly being told you are not good enough and not being able to do anything about it. We can help Young girls by speaking up against those who lower self confidence and working with other campaigns to lower stress levels and raise happiness.

Eating disorders, depression and anxiety Are some of the effects when striving to be societies idea of “perfection”. Girls are considered a plus size model at the weight of 100 pounds or over and must weigh less to be a regular model.(Edward Lovett abc news.go) If a young girl strives for the perfect weight of less than 100 pounds and is not able to accomplish this weight, Panic attacks and Anxiety can affect her. Women are known as perfectionists and By not succeeding They may fall into a state of depression. I think telling girls the importance of loving yourself from a young age can boost their confidence for future years and show young girls it’s ok to not be extremely skinny, love yourself the way you are no matter what size or shape!

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