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Discussion Of Proposed Perfomance Apparaisal Process

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The company has been going through a chaotic situation which I think has caused it performance to go down. The chaoses are arising due to variability of appraisal processes which are in the current use in the different departments within the company. Following this difficult situation, the company’s goals cannot be achieved at all efforts. I therefore came up with this new proposal on performance appraisal which will ensure conflicts and confrontation of employees and their supervisors or manager does not continue to exist. The goal of this proposal is to see that employees get fair treatment and are analyses in the procedural way which will enable high service delivery in sales and accounting departments as well as in technical support department.

Following this proposal, it will be prudent for me to get information from all the departmental heads so that I may review the manner in which you have been carrying out the process. The most important consideration which I will like to get more information is the name of the position of department the employees hurls from, the date and commencement, the clear explanation of what constituted a successful outcome, agreed activities and aims of the activity, clear and transparent quantifiable measures for each aim or activity and the self assessment section for each activity.

Some departments advocate separating appraisal from pay evaluation; however this does not make logic in our organization which requires staff to be focused on their involvement to organizational performance, especially where there are clear accountabilities and measures which in my view should apply in all departments

The organization rightly or wrongly is geared to annual performance, and the accomplishment of a trading plan. This tumbles to departments, teams and individuals, so it makes intellectual move to assess people over a time phase that fit with what the corporation is working to.

It is not easy to appraise someone on their year’s performance half way through the year. Simplicity and responsibility are prerequisites for proper assessment and appraisals. Hence, best practice is to schedule appraisals close to trading year-end. This is the appropriate time when year end results and full year performance for individuals and departments of the organization will be reliably. Holding appraisals at this time enables employees and staff to know that appraisals are focused on this specific trading period. The people’s feelings and efforts are then concentrated on their contribution towards the company’s annual goals plan. This finds uniqueness as a main appraisal drive and output as well as individual development of course. Holding appraisals at the year-end means that people would start the year without formal agreed objectives, and also creates bigger delays for financial and payroll departments in their task to process pay awards and adjustments.

Departmental, team and individual objectives grant the context for the appraisal, linking clearly to performance bonus and performance-based pay awards, the rationale for which needs to be transparent and published prior to the start of the year to which they relate, for the full benefit and effect on staff effort to be realized. The appraising managers can therefore go into appraisals fully briefed and prepared to discuss and explain the organization’s overview consequences and financials to the appraisees. And the appraisees can see results and think in terms of their full year performance and contribution to corporate results.


Christenson, L. (1996) Integration of business plan, strategic plan, customer service plan,

 and unit self assessment and employee performance appraisals: American Society

for Public Administration

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