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Dignity of Human Labor

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What is labor?
Physical and mental work done by people
Productivity activity for the economic gain
Work gives us the opportunity to express and to develop one’s talents for one’s own good and for the good of others From a Christian perspective, we can say that work is a vocation in the service of discipleship.

It is not only a basic human right, but also a duty from our baptismal call and commitment to work with Christ.

What does the Church say about Human Dignity?

Human dignity originates from God.
Human life is sacred.
Human dignity is alienable.

Labor Issues.
Unjust wages

Poor working conditions

Harassment and intimidation

Union busting

Untimely closure

Unjust dismissal

Dignity in working.
The dignity of work and the rights of workers is one of the seven major principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Work is a human good. It is a basic human right that reflects men’s and women’s dignity and worth. (Laborem Exercens) Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that in labor issues, “the primary capital to be safeguarded and valued is man ,the human person in his or her integrity.” (Caritas In Veritate) In Genesis, we see that the dignity of work consists of teaching that man and woman “ought to imitate God his creator, in working, because man alone has the unique characteristics of likeness to God.” (Laborem Exercens)

It is “central to the freedom and well-being of people.” (USCCB, Economic Justice for All)

Reasons why Human Work has Dignity

The person working is a human being
The worker labors to promote human life
Work or labor enhances our pagkatao
Work is a means towards human solidarity

The Catholic Church has long been a promoter of the rights of workers. These include a right to:
To fair wages
Social benefits
Safe working conditions
Organize and to form unions
Have rest and vacation
Have proper training for employment

Christian Message:

Pagbibigay Dangal sa Kabuhayan enhances our dignity as we engage our potentials in building human lives.

The Parable of the Workers in the vineyard reflects the significance of human work in the realization of the Reign of God.

Human Work of whatever form is to be seen as a participation in the entire plan of God to bring about His Reign.

Work is a means of Kabuhayan, a source of Kaginhawahan.

Christian Teachings:

The Christian teaching declares that jobs should be viewed not as a burden or solely a source of livelihood, but as a way of serving one’s fellowmen.

“Do not work for the food that perishes, but work for the food that endures to eternal life” (Jn 6:27)

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