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Differences between domestic and international marketing

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Domestic marketing is a market within a country’s own region and aims to only a set of specific customers. Domestic marketing is affected by both controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Trading in domestic market is done in two ways:
Wholesale Trade: Purchasing goods from manufacturers in bulk and selling them to intermediaries or end customers. Retail Trade: Purchasing goods from wholesalers and selling them to consumers in small quantities.

Priya pickles which is famous for its various tasty pickles maybe successful in India as it is domestic market and pickle is very close with the culture and tradition of Indian people (importantly South Indians). But in case of international market, it would be difficult for Priya brand to withstand and have more profits because culture of foreign people is quite different.

Global Marketing is when you expand your goods or services worldwide to capture greater market share and open up new avenues for sales. When we are expanding our services or products to another country we must take into consideration many factors. One of the factors that we should take in count is language and translation, even though some countries speak the same language varies within the region for example Spanish spoken in Mexico differs from Spanish spoken is Spain. Another factor to consider is culture for example in the USA advertisement uses models using very little clothing to sell any product, in other conservative countries these type of advertisement can be considered offensive and can be banned.

One of the most difficult factors when expanding is Price and payment methods before launching the product we should be aware of the currency of the country also investigate the competitive pricing and make sure that the intended customers can afford the product. The forth factor is the marketing methods most companies use print advertisements or websites but some counties rely more heavily on radio or television. The last of the factors to consider is the distribution and shipping you must be all ware of the cost, time days and country restriction since each country has its own laws regulating what can be imported.

When it is time to take our product to other countries, we must consider all of factors of the markets that we want to reach; one of the most important decisions to make is whether you want to apply domestic marketing or international marketing. Domestic marketing is when we want to Implement a domestic marketing when introducing our product is to adapt to the market where we come in, this means that we should study well the country in which we are going to enter, culture, politics, language, religion, economy , etc. which entails a greater cost to the company. We could also choose to use the international marketing, which involves standardization of marketing efforts for them to be well accepted in all markets in which they want to market the product, applying this type of marketing, the cost to the company is smaller.

Both methods have their pros and cons and it depends on the type of product and the type of market which will best serve the product, but it is imperative to decide on one side or the other, there is always the option of take the best of both and create an intermediate strategy. For example, many franchises today retain their image, their name, their recipes and their concept in different countries where they are establish and add small details to their product common in the countries this strategies will help them to improve your relationship with their customers and make them feel included and pleased. Proof of this is Starbucks, which serves the same quality coffee worldwide, but add drinks like green tea with sesame in countries like Taiwan because of the large consumption of this tea and other Asian countries. McDonald’s also adapting to Taiwanese market offering from their drinks milk tea with tapioca which is a very famous and traditional in this market beverage also offers rice burgers which is very attractive to Taiwanese.

Explain why international marketing managers may wish to standardize the marketing mix regionally or worldwide and explain why standardizing the marketing mix globally is often impossible

Managers must take in count that every culture is different as mentioned before there has to be a prior research of what to use in the marketing mix and since all cultures are different we cannot use the same mix in every one, because some countries might get offended with the advertisement, some managers may wish to standardize this because it is cheaper to do one marketing mix for the whole product than for every country that they are expanding to. For this same reason that all countries are different in their culture it is almost impossible to standardize globally the marketing mix, it is very difficult to sell a product the same way to many countries. Explain why consumer products generally require greater modification for international sales than do industrial products or services. Industrial products and services generally can be marketed globally with less change than can consumer products because they are less sensitive to the foreign environment Explain “glocal” advertising strategies.

International advertising agencies will design an international program for an advertiser and then make local adjustments that local managers deem necessary. The programmed management approach is an advertising strategy for combining inputs from global advertising advocates of the home office with the opinions of local managers. Discuss some of the effects the Internet may have on international marketing. Among those mentioned are:

1. Making more pricing data available worldwide
2. Potentially making traditional channel structures less important,
3. Making the offering much more personalized and therefore more in line with the marketing concept.






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