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Decision-making in the Boeing Company

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            The Boeing Company is known as the “world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft” (Boeing, 2008 n.p). The company is very significant in the undertakings of NASA and produces communication systems.

            Considering the significance of the Boeing Company, its policy-makers should be very critical in their decision-making process to ensure that the structure of the company flows properly and is well organized. Observing Boeing as a company with many stakeholders from the executive board and investors to its employees, this diversity drove the company to pursue a “work assignment format” (Agajanian, 2006, n.p). When planning for a project, tasks are delegated among the members according to their expertise after a thorough deliberation process. In doing so, every stakeholder is assured of making his/her opinion heard and their ideas properly represented. This also allows every stakeholder to partake in the project selection process, classification of prospective problems, developing solutions, program implementation and further improvement (Agajanian, 2006, n.p).

            In relation to the company’s problem identification method, what they do is that they have a process of validation which yields simpler solutions and offered savings both in the aspects of labor and time (Agajanian, 2006, n.p). With the suggestion gathered from the company’s employees, the identification of areas which needs further improvement is easily detected and resolved. Moreover, Boeing believes that through teamwork and every individual’s dedication, the work force and their output will have a significant increase which will be highly beneficial to all.

            Lastly, a notable formulation style reflected by this system is the organizational process. As a principle of management, this process involves the identification of the works to be done and assigning them to tasked individuals arranging them in the decision-making framework or the organizational structure (“Organizational Process”). Through this style, efficiency and effectiveness of the work force is observable.


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