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Criminal Profiling Argumentative

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IntroductionIn order to identify the unique characteristics of the criminal’s personality a process is followed which is known as criminal profiling. Criminal profiling plays a crucial and significant role in deterring and combating criminal behavior and activity. This process is used to evaluate and investigate criminal activity by adopting a proactive and dynamic approach. Criminal profiling provides a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies in which they can assess and analyze the patterns of criminal behavior (Turvey, 2008). The aim of this research paper is to investigate the effectiveness of criminal profiling in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

BackgroundCriminal profiling is done by the behavioral Science Unit of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This unit is responsible to study and investigate the behavior of the criminals through different techniques and procedures. The FBI in the Minneapolis is of average size as compared to the other offices in the country. The FBI from many years is working in Minneapolis. A number of steps are conducted in order to properly conduct criminal profiling. The first step is the profiling input which is important for profiling. After that the input is arranged and organized in a systematic and methodical manner. The third step consists of crime assessment in which the patterns of offenders and victims behavior are reconstructed. The next stage consists of criminal profile in which the above steps are observed to develop and describe the behavior of the criminal, background information, characteristics and beliefs of the criminal. The final process consists of investigation process and apprehension in which a review is conducted in order to arrive at correct and appropriate conclusions and deductions (Swanson, Chamelin & Territo, 2008).

Criminal Profiling in MinneapolisThe Behavioral Science Unit of FBI of Minneapolis works to find out the criminals in order to stop crimes and attacks. The Behavioral Science unit comprises of agents, criminologist, crime analysts, and psychologist and veteran police officers. They provides training, perform research and consultation. The Behavioral science Unit of Minneapolis focuses different approaches and techniques to study the behavior of offenders. The unit has been focusing on investigating and analyzing violent crime that poses serious threats to the fabric of society. It seeks to integrate and incorporate efficient and effective technologies that would assist in cracking down hard on criminal behavior (Federal Bureau Investigation). Criminal profiling helps in crimes like homicide, theft, rape, etc. It also assists in identifying any criminal activity in future. There are two profiling FBI uses, Inductive and Deductive. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The inductive profiling does not explain the offenders behavior and short cuts are taken but in deductive the department communication and consistency is greater (Holmes & Holmes, 2002).

ConclusionThe criminal profiling is effective in Minneapolis as it plays important role in identifying the future criminal acts and provide future safety from the criminals. The criminal profiling finds and identify criminal and for this, the profiler has to analyze the crime scene and investigate. Thus, criminal profiling is very effective for Minneapolis as the profiler is able to find the dangerous criminals and helps to control any activity by the criminals.


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