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What is Daylesford Organic Farm and what makes them such a draw for consumers? Daylesford Organic Farm is located in the countryside of the English Cotswold’s and its owners are Lord Anthony and Lady Bamford. Lady Bamford started the farm after continually being frustrated at the idea of serving her family unhealthy and treated foods. Over 30 years, these partners have transformed the land into one of the most successful and long running organic farms in the United Kingdom. They are a fully working and producing farm that is open to the public for tours and purchasing as well as an onsite cooking school and even cottages to accommodate weekend visitors. (www.Daylesford.com)

Daylesford tends to draw consumers that have a similar desire to want to eat clean, chemical free, natural and organic products. The farm has a set of principles by which they run their business. These principles would in turn be quite appealing to individuals that share those desires and the lifestyle. The goal or aim of Daylesford Organic Farm is to be 100% self-sufficient, not use chemicals on their land or animals, create a safe environment for wild life and even reuse the rainwater. They source their foods responsibly, take care to use recycled packaging, work to protect the natural resources of the land that they use and work to educate others about the concept of organic and healthy living. (www.Daylesford.com)

What makes consumers want to use organic products and incorporate them into their lifestyles? When consumers buy organic products, they can be assured that they know where the majority of their food is coming from. Most people simply choose organic because they think it just tastes better. The fact that the organic farming industry is held to higher standards, especially in Europe is an added incentive or benefit. It gives consumers the assurance that they are purchasing products that meet the criteria of the lifestyle they have established for themselves and their family. The success of Daylesford Farm can greatly be attributed to their reputation of continually meeting these standards and the production of superior products for their consumers. Daylesford Farm doesn’t actually make any product on their premises, which in turn can help to keep the cost of their day to day business down. They instead source their business out to other like-minded suppliers that value the quality and sustainability of their products. (www.Daylesford.com)

When looking at the ideal market or target groups for new products and businesses, there are a number of different variables to be considered. Some of the include the geographic region being considered, the size of that location and the type of area it is, the climate of the area, the age demographic, family sizes and their life cycles, genders, income and occupation, education, religion, race and nationality, social class, lifestyle, personality, benefits, usage rates, and the loyalty, readiness and attitude of the potential market. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2014, 2012, 2010) I believe that the need of the product and the business should also be strongly considered as well as the history of success or failure in other areas as well. In terms of the potential market for organic farms in the United States, it can be said that the market is increasing relatively quickly. This market can be a very profitable and sustainable business for those in agriculture that have interest in becoming certified. There is a projection for continuous and steady growth of 9% or higher.

The organic farming and food market is still quite new and fresh, but studies have shown that between 2002 and 2011, there was a 240% increase of certified organic farms, ranches and processing facilities. The top states for organic farming include California with 20%, Wisconsin, New York and Washington, but all 50 states do have some form of organic farms, ranches or processing facilities. It seems that geographically, the market for organic farming is strong on the West Coast since the climate, the demographic, the lifestyle and the personalities of the consumers in that area are in line with this particular market. A large amount of sales, 44%, actually occur within 100 miles of the farm or the ranch. As of 2004, over 50% of sales occurred either locally or regionally. (Laux, 2013)

As with any business venture, three are always going to be potential risks involved. However, the concept of organic farming there is a very strong potential for growth within the market. This prediction of growth comes from the trends of the consumers themselves. Consumers today are becoming more and more conscious of the issues that may affect the foods and other products that are served to their families. Healthy eating and lifestyles are just a passing fad as some may have thought, but is a trend that carries significant weight and value in society today. Other points to focus on in the marketing is that organic farming has to meet strict standards, so consumers can be assured they are getting quality products. The food tastes significantly better, organic products can help to reduce health risks which in turn can help the overall health of the nation.

Organic farms are also eco-friendly and responsible in regards to their use of water, the land and nature which will also attract consumers. This is causing more and more food and beverage manufacturers to begin developing their own lines of organic products as well. (International Trade, 2002) In choosing a geographic location to focus on, California would be a prime location based on the climate and the ability to produce and cultivate crops and product year round. The state also has a large population and the demographic and lifestyle of the population supports the concept of organic and healthy living. California also has a very diverse and multicultural population which is a positive. The key target group of consumers would more than likely be working individuals, more than likely families that are between the ages of 30-50 with mid to higher level incomes. They will also most likely be quite health conscious and care about fitness as well as wanting to provide their families with the best nutrition possible, especially when it comes to their children. Research has also found that California is the leading state in organic sales at 36%.

The potential revenue of sales of organic products as of 2008 was up to $3.2 billion, this was up from $1.7 billion in 2007. In just one year, the popularity and sales of organic products doubled its earnings. (Laux, 2013) When developing the value proposition for marketing the concept of organic farming, we need to consider the benefits and features that will be attractive to the consumer and will help to draw them in and then maintain the relationship that is being built. In regards to the functional benefits of organic farming and purchasing, the consumers know that they are getting high quality products.

The organic food market is able to offer consumers high quality products than more mainstream manufacturers. All organic farmers have to meet a high level of standards and that it can give consumers peace of mind in knowing that they are buying products free of chemicals and other dangerous additives. The emotional benefits experienced by the consumer comes from the fact that they know they are providing clean and healthy products for their families as well as helping the environment since organic farms source responsibly as well as consider the water, land and nature. They can also know that they are helping to support local Create the Value Page 5

farmers in their own communities and give business back to them. Self-expressive benefits or features can sometimes play into the ego or the conscious of the consumer to some extent. By shopping organically, consumers are making a statement as to how they would like to be portrayed. It gives them a social connection with other like-minded consumers. Eating organically is something that many consumers are embracing more readily and without hesitation. When asking why we should consider pursuing a market in organic farming we should keep in mind what the consumers want in their food and that is to know what exactly they are getting in their food. By offering the option of organic farming, we are telling consumers they can trust us to provide them with the highest quality product possible.

We can also make a conscious effort to better prepare for the future as well, both in our physical health and well-being, but also by protecting our environment and the wildlife around us. With more and more consumers focused on healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyles, organic farming is a market that holds abundant potential. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the value of organic farming and that makes the concept of organic farming more viable and attractive as well as economical for both producers and consumers. (Organic, 2013)


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