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CoverGirl Lipstick- A Flipstick

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Advertisements are messages that are intended to influence their audience. Their sole purpose is to raise awareness of the existence of their product in the people whom they target and to promote the benefits of buying or using it. In our society, many people are trying to transform themselves into someone they are pretending to be. This may be for many reasons, but the main reason is because of influence from the media or different kinds of advertisements. This is especially the case for most of the women.

There is a phrase “Beauty is as beauty does”. This is a phrase that most women across the globe seek to fulfil everyday of their lives. They exercise, put on their jewellery, pick out their outfit for the day and, most importantly, apply their makeup. Putting on makeup does not mean that a woman wants to give up her natural appearance and change into a different person. It means that makeup should be able to enhance their natural beauty at an affordable price. Covergirl has been proving this to its customers. This the main reason of choosing this ad. Target Audience

The ad I chose is of CoverGirl which is one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the world. As most CoverGirl advertisements, this ad is also for the female audiences. The ad to me seems to target young and middle age woman of any race or some men who think that they can make their women look like the model as in the ad. CoverGirl attracts women by convincing them that the use of makeup product will increase the qualities in their personality and resemble that the celebrity possesses like simply by using Covergirl’s lipstick or any other product. The advertisers determine exactly who they want their target audience to be and establish intelligent ways for their product to be the preferred one.

Cover Girl is known for their bold advertisements using beautiful women. The main image in the advertisement is a photo of a model, Sofia Vergara, with a close up shot of her lips. She is very famous actress, comedian and a celebrity, also a very successful super model. I think that she is a very good choice for this advertisement because she is a role model for teenagers as they want to look similar to her. It gives teenagers the idea that if Sofia Vergara is wearing the lipstick which is being advertised then it must be a good product because a supermodel would not just use any product; it must be of a high standard. Context

The ad of CoverGirl is split into two parts. Another object that features in this ad is the two images of Sofia Vergara which are mirror image of each other. The camera is trying to focus on the facial area. The other image featured on the page is that of the product where 5 lipsticks are pictured together, each of a different colour. They have been placed in the bottom right hand corner. Having different shades of the lipstick on the advertisement also helps to attract customers because it suggests that if they do not like the colour that is worn by the model, there are other alternatives. I think that this advertisement has been made very smartly because the way it is put together really makes sure that the reader knows exactly what product it is and the clear message is conveyed for what the product is being advertised.

It uses still photography of the model and the product; the first is used to demonstrate how your lips will look after you have used the product and the latter is to show the person who sees the advert what the packaging of the product looks like so you can find it in a store. I think the advertisers have smartly incorporated her face in the advertisement. Her facial expression is trying to attract the female generation to notice her lips. The colours have been specifically chosen.

The model has brown hair and this has been used as a background for the image of the product. Everything has been kept natural like her skin colour and the background. Having everything on the page quite natural makes the lips stand out more because they are darker than the rest of the skin and have a reddish colour. The use of light colors, very large text and a very close up picture of the model to show how the different shades of lipstick will bring out a person’s eye. This makes them the first thing you notice on the page. Text

The text in the advertisement helps to persuade the consumers to buy the product. The brand name is ‘CoverGirl’ and this itself suggests that the product if of good quality because Covergirl is a known cosmetic company, known for being used by makeup artists and a good value brand of makeup. Advertisement uses various techniques in their text to attract the audiences and convey the message. Text written in bold under the images makes the ad very attractive. Advertisers are introducing their new product with the help of text. Text like double your lip color and blast flipstick makes the ad very interesting.

The text tells that the blend of two lipsticks will give new color to their lips every day and will customize their look. The text also quotes that it is not only a lipstick, it’s a flipstick. One lipstick can give two different color to lips like creamy on one side and shimmery color on the flip side. The advertisers are successfully trying to make all possible efforts to make the advertisement more attractive and effective. The advertisers are also targeting the young generation through facebook and twitter. The overall message that the ad gives is that using their product will make you stand out from the crowd. Conclusion

In summary, CoverGirl advertisement truly helps women giving them a natural kind of beauty. Whether a woman is working or a teenager who has just started using make up, Covergirl has attracted audiences of different age groups. CoverGirl makes the looks of their models seem very attainable and they want every woman to feel beautiful just the way they are. They want every woman to feel like she personally defines beauty. Hence, CoverGirl advertisements have been proved to be successful the way they target their audiences, color, text, images and promoting the idea of women feeling naturally beautiful.

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