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Continuity and Change-over-time-essay

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There were many changes that Europe underwent in their mindset. These changes occurred over a 300-year period, from 1450 to 1750. There were both changes in religion and other things, such as politics and core subjects.

There were two main religions in Europe. These were characterized as Catholic and Protestant. Both parties were dedicated to their own religion, and despised the other whole-heartedly. As a result, the reformations started many religious wars fought by both religions. These wars caused many things. First, it caused the groups to realize that there will be multiple religions worshiped, despite the number of wars fought to wipe out the other. Next, it caused people to start questioning religion (This did eventually subside). It also gave focus to different ideas and topics of everyday life, such as more time to focus on the family. One of the most important contributions brought about by the reformations was that they helped to raise an importance to become literate.

The renaissance brought new ideas to European art. It introduced and encouraged the idea of secularism, influencing who made the art and what it was made of, depending on the artist. This began to improve the status of music, visual arts, and writing. There was one significant change in architecture- it switched from gothic styles to the styles of Greece and Rome (known as classicism styles). People also changed the way that they chose to look at life. Instead of thinking themselves as part of a divine plan (such as Hindus or Christians, for instance), they began to value themselves as individuals. This did improve the land, the economic status particularly. They stopped focusing on the whole and religious rights, and started benefitting the community.

In conclusion, Europe changed much from 1450 to 1750. First, they had religious reforms. There were two main religions- Catholic and Protestant. They fought, and ended up unhappily accepting each others’ existence in the end. Then the Renaissance came, bring many changes to two main areas of life and culture. The first was art- this includes music, visual arts, and writing. The other was the way they looked at their lives.

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