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Conservatism In 1980s

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First off before you can understand the ideal of conservatism in the 1980’s you need to know what exactly conservatism is. Conservatism is a political philosophy that promotes conserving the government to keeping things as they were in the past. Various presidents in this era have used philosophy as a guide line to run our nation. A list of these presidents includes Reagan, and George HW Bush. In the beginning of Reagan’s early pre presidential years he claimed to be a republican but crossed over to conservatism after World War II. His speeches ripped apart communist ideals and praised capitalistic ideas. He was well known for his influencing speeches and his ways with words. In the 1980’s the new right came along; the new right was all about letting the government step back from the economy, this in fact supporting the capitalist. All of these factors affected the votes of many people in the United States at the time, this meaning that at the time period it was a benefit to Reagan’s campaign.

He was elected into office in 1981 and he was focused on completing his promise from the campaign. He believed in a higher export than import rate which would bring in the government more money than was originally coming in (this would beneficial considering the World War II had just ended.) That year he cut down taxes by five percent and ten percent the year after that. Also Reagan took another big step after that, he put a conservative into the Supreme Court; not only was it a conservative but she was also a woman! Sandra Day O’ Connor was the first woman to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court. He kept his promises and made the government simple and peaceful after a long stretch of wars, he even kept peace in the Middle East.

Reagan was reelected and made peace with the Soviet Union as well. The Iran hostage Crisis put a blemish on Reagan’s presidency it doesn’t hide all of the good things he had done for our nations those eight years. Another conservative leader in this time period was George HW Bush, a retired military expert and a man people were proud to call their president. Bush took office in 1989 and was concentrated on ending the days of the cold war. His vice president was also a conservatism politician. During Bush’s presidency the end of communism in the Soviet Union began to create a “World Leader” impression on other countries. The tearing down of the Berlin Wall was thought to be impossible until we introduced them to our conservative leadership.

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