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Conduct a marketing audit

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Introduction and instructions:
The assessment for this Unit of Competency consists of three assessment tasks: 1. Case Study Activity – requiring you to review case study scenarios, answer related questions 2. Practical Assessment – requiring you to prepare policy and procedure manual. Result:

The result of each assessment task will be either ‘Satisfactory’ (S) or ‘Not Satisfactory’ (NS). Once you have satisfactorily completed all assessment tasks for a unit of competency you will be deemed to be Competent(C). If you have not satisfactorily completed all assessment tasks you will be deemed Not Yet Competent and reassessment will be required, the manner of which will be dependent upon the type of assessment task(s). Office Use:

Tick as appropriate below
Assessor Name
Case Study
Satisfactory  Not Satisfactory 

Practical Assessment
Satisfactory  Not Satisfactory 



Campus Manager to countersign

Assessment 1–Case Study Assessment

BSBMKG514A Implement & monitor marketing activities

Student Name:


Recommended text: Marketing in Black and White by Brian Monger ( Chapter 8) Situation:

Refer to the Green River Clothing Company case study on the section of Chapter 8. Then undertake the following tasks:


Task 1:
Identify the key stakeholders who will take part in the marketing planning and implementation process.

Task 2:
a. Identify & brief the roles & responsibilities of marketing & non marketing personnel who will contribute in bringing success of marketing plan b. Describe the approach you can use to determine individual, team & overall performance measures of the marketing plan

Task 3:
a. What do you understand by defensive marketing strategy, developing strategy & attacking strategies? How can you utilize them in implementing your marketing plan? b. Describe the resources such as – physical, human, financial, information & technical resources etc you will use in implementation of your marketing plan that are pertinent to your company’s requirement?

Task 4:
Describe the process regarding communication and team building you may use to ensure that personnel responsible for each element of marketing mix work together to meet the organization’s marketing objectives

Part B:

Task 1:
Develop some standards for measuring progress towards the planned objectives which will contribute in marketing mix decisions & in monitoring their results against targets set in marketing plan. To answer this task, you need to describe and analyse the Marketing mix activities and associate them with responsibilities, budgets, and timetables.

You may explain following key activities for every marketing mix activities that need to be identified and associated with responsibilities, budgets, and timetables:

Product Strategies
Promotion Strategies
Product strategy
Product activities
Person responsible
Target completion date

Promotion strategy
Promotion activities
Person responsible
Target completion date

Pricing Strategies
Place Strategies
Pricing strategy
Pricing activities
Person responsible
Target completion date

Place and distribution strategy
Place activities
Person responsible
Target completion date

Task 2:
Measure actual performance, compare it with the plan and diagnose any variance. Guideline:
To answer this task, you need to include information regarding completion on implemented marketing plan cost, revenue, completion date of tasks. You also need to analyse the variation by comparing the actual figures against budgeted figures.

Task 3:
Identify some possible opportunities for improvement. To answer this question, Conduct surveys and Gather Customer and Employee feedback.

Task 4:
Prepare a professional quality written report which would demonstrate ongoing progress towards marketing objectives. Include some recommendations that need to be taken to minimise the gap between targeted performance & actual performance, corrective actions that need to be taken to maintain business relevance with changing customer requirements.

Office Use:


Result: SatisfactoryNot Satisfactory

Trainer’s signature:


Assessment 2–Practical Assessment

BSBMKG514A Implement & monitor marketing activities

Student Name:


You would require to prepare a policy and procedure manual. You would address the following criteria in the P&P manual.

1. How frequently would you assess marketing performance of the organization against the marketing objectives? How would assess them?

2. How would the company collect customer feedback?

3. How frequently would the personnel meet who are responsible for each element of the marketing mix, to analyse customer feedback and discuss any opportunities required for improvement?

4. Recommend P&P to change business practices in line with changing customer requirements to maintain business relevance and viability

5. How should changes to marketing objectives and targets be communicated with relevant stakeholders to facilitate implementation

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