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Computers memory

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A computer depends on a human to give it the input data. On its own, a computer cannot determine what data to input. Therefore a computer cannot function on its own without the user. Computers are not independent on their own. What is still missing on computers is the fact that they cannot think independently. Computers only process data and output information based upon the data it is fed upon. Wrong data input will result to wrong data output. GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) is a term in computer science meaning that the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input.

So, for example, if incorrect data is input to a program, the output is unlikely to be informative. Computers only process what is given to it. To improve this area, programs and hardware can be developed that incorporates the five senses of human beings. Computers would be able to see, smell, taste, touch and hear. This would be the era of cognitive systems whereby computers would gain human-brain like capabilities to learn, adapt and sense. Computers would be able to understand and respond to humans. Cognitive systems can detect patterns.

Therefore vision oriented sensors can be developed to scan photos for input of data. This would be an easier form of data input as compared to text data input. However there are various achievements in this area. One huge achievement is the development of touchscreen monitors whereby data is input by just a touch on the computer screen. This technology is available both on handheld devices such as smartphones and also on computers. Another achievement in this area is the development of speech recognition devices which can supplement or replace other input devices.

In humans, memory is where the mind stores and remembers information whereas for computers a memory is any device that stores information either temporarily or permanently. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary memory while Read Only Memory (ROM) is a permanent memory. The RAM in computers is like the short-term memory of humans. Short-term memory is the memory used in recalling immediate actions. When a computer is put to sleep, contents of the RAM are transferred to the ROM. This process is reversed when you turn on the computer.

The same happens to humans when we wake up in the morning. I think that computers can be improved in terms of their memory sizes. Therefore what could be missing in this area is the limited storage capacity currently available because of the dynamics of today world as storage needs keep increasing day by day. Computers could soon run out of memory because of the fast growing rate of technology and as the amount of media which includes videos and picture files humans have keep enlarging.

As quality of these media advances, the more storage they would require. To improve on these area, storage devices with more memory capacity can be developed. Despite the fact the memory capacity of computers can be improved, it is still a huge accomplishment as the memory capacity is larger compared to the previous versions of memories that existed. Another accomplishment in this area is the development of smaller memory devices such as flash disks and memory cards.

These storage devices are portable due to their small size. They are also types of solid state devices meaning they have no moving parts which is of the advantage that they are quiet during their operations. Storage devices currently being developed consume less power and are more powerful and faster such as the ddr4 RAM which consumes less power compared to ddr3 RAM. Current hard disks being developed have a revolution speed of 7200rpm or more which are faster than the earlier versions of 5400rpm and lower.

A computer network is an interconnection of several computers by means of a communication channel which can either be wired or wireless for the purpose of communicating and resource sharing. Electronic communities are people on the Internet who publicly discuss ideas, interact, and exchange information with each other with sufficient human feelings on things of common interest to form webs of personal relationships. Electronic communications over the past twenty years have changed dramatically.

Computer networks and community combine to form a real social phenomenon because people on the internet using social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter amongst others are relating to one another using electronic means of communication and finding common interests. People who have never meet each other face to face are having each other’s company online through chat rooms. Friends and families communicate through emails online even though they may be distant geographically they are still able to keep in touch. The development of communication technologies always aims to counter the dimensions of space and time.

Computer-mediated communication (CMC) refers to human communication through computers. CMC includes different forms of synchronous, asynchronous or real-time interaction that humans have with each other using computers as tools to exchange video, text, images and audio. What is missing in this area is the limited social interactions of people as almost everything is being done online. People are being turned into introverts through this use of electronic communication. Most people are comfortable to say almost anything over the internet yet they can’t say it in person.

Face time has been greatly reduced by electronic communication. The number of one-on-one interactions is not the only thing that has been negatively affected but also the quality of these interactions are affected as well since people no longer have intimate conversations and personal interactions with each other. The huge accomplishment in this area is that CMC is bridging the gap between people and making communication easier despite how farther apart people may be. It has also led to faster communication and more information are being shared.

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