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Community Windshield Survey

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Caring for Populations: Milestone1: Community Windshield Survey Form Directions: Please refer to the Milestone 1: Community Windshield Survey Guidelines and grading rubric found in Doc Sharing for specific instructions in order to complete the information below. This assignment is worth 150 points. Your Name: Karen WilliamsDate: 5/17/15

Your Instructor’s Name: Jennifer Hoenig
Your response
1. Community introduction:
Identify the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting. I used the Homestead, Florida community surrounding the area of my work setting. It’s a small sized, predominantly agricultural community that’s showing signs of urban enhancements in some areas. Driving through the community on different days and times I was able to witness the change of atmosphere. While during the day residents are constantly on the move doing their business, at night time there are few people outside on the street. 2. Windshield survey

a. vitality
The people visible in the community were mainly laborers working in the agricultural fields or with landscaping companies, as well as, a few construction workers. The predominant age appeared to be older adults over age of thirty, with adolescents and young mothers with babies in hand as the second largest group. A few elderly were noted in the community moving around using wheelchairs or walkers. The most common ethnicity is Hispanics. The residents wore clean clothing that showed signs of wear. No obvious signs of drugs or alcohol influence. The predominant age group is obese. Visitors noted in the community mainly by fast food restaurants with out of state license plates. b. Indicators of social and economic conditions

Multi-family structures/apartment buildings, some with evidence of dilapidation but mainly near the rural part of the community. Closer to the center of the community, new homes are being constructed closer to the hospital by a private contractor. Public transportation by means of buses and trolleys are the main forms of travel. Covered bus sheds with benches are provided by Miami-Dade Transit, which is easily accessible and close to the hospital and schools. A bus stop was also noted on the hospital compound. Rural area with lots of farmland. Both male and female laborers, as well as, migrant workers tending to the crops and taking care of the land. Very few political signs and health education billboards. Health education is predominantly displayed on the sides of the buses in Spanish and English. There are elementary, middle and high school present in the community. The daycare centers are in private homes of residents. c. Health resources

There’s only one hospital that serves this community located on the main travelled street and is easily accessible by bus or car. A diabetic and CHF clinic is also present in the community that opens only during day time. There’s a nursing home for the elderly funded by the county. CVS and Walgreens pharmacies located almost on the outskirts of the community. The resources are not sufficient to address the other problem of obesity noted in the community. More outreach programs are needed to reach the poorer residents in the rural part of the community. d. Environmental conditions related to health

Some houses and multi-family structures are in need of repair. Older homes with burglar proof metal bars on doors and windows. Road are well paved with adequate traffic lights and drainage. However, roads leading into rural agricultural areas are dirt roads but without potholes and deep drains noted to the sides. No evidence of dumping of garbage on roadways or corners. The sidewalks and buildings are handicapped accessible but the mom and pop stores/grocery are not accessible. Two playgrounds were being utilized for free after school activities. A YMCA is located on the main travelled street within close proximity to the hospital. e. Social functioning

The families in the community consist of more than one generation and supervision of the children is done by the grandmother. There’s a neighborhood friendliness noted by the manner in which they greeted each other on the streets. Signs indicating neighborhood watch in effect were present. By one of the smaller neighborhood stores a community board was noted but the information was only in Spanish. The Catholic church was the main place of worship; at least two was noted in the community with one small Pentecostal church present. f. Attitude toward healthcare

Herbal medicine shops are more pre-dominant in the community. There was one shop that had a sign “spiritual healing” hanging from the window. The diabetic and CHF clinic was packed during the day leading to the assumption that it’s well utilized. On street light poles there were signs advertising a health fair with free health screening at the hospital to occur in two weeks. In front of the YMCA a large banner was present displaying information of upcoming free workshops on healthy eating, weight management, and health screenings. 3. Conclusion:

Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion. What problems did you identify? From my windshield survey I’ve identified obesity among older adults to be a problem. Although it’s an agricultural community, it appears that fruits and vegetables are costly items for the residents. I’ve also observed more fast food restaurants present as opposed to restaurants that offer healthier options at a reasonable price. The community can benefit from programs that teach them how to eat healthier on a small budget, as well as, incorporating physical activity into their lifestyle.

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