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Comic heroes and comic icons

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Comic heroes or icons vary from publisher to publisher. There are many types of publisher most British comics are made up of small blocks and shapes, very simple and easy to draw. American comics are slightly harder to draw and have more complex storylines. There is another style of comic that is originally from Japan and this style is Manga, this style of comic has very detailed drawings and a very extravagant storyline.

The UK’s main publisher and probably the most successful comic publisher is the beano, the beano has been publishing comics since 30th July 1938. The beano didn’t have a very wide range characters but has still managed to keep publishing to the current day, in total there was four characters in the beano, “The bash street kids”, “Minnie the minx”, “Rodger the dodger”, and “Dennis the menace”. The public took allot of interest in Dennis and his antics over the weeks and slowly started to capture almost every young boy’s imagination.

Now almost 70 years later Dennis the menace is still being published and now has its own television programme. Most children have a strong interest in these comics. By far one of America’s best selling comic publisher is Marvel, Founded in 1939 under the name “Timely comics”, eventually changing to be known as “Marvel comics”. Many of marvels original paper comic titles have been taken into the film industry by “Marvel entertainment”. Many of the titles released by Marvel have got films into the worldwide film industry.

Some of marvels traditional paper comics have been the titles that boosted their viewings and readings such as, “The fantastic four”, “Spiderman”, “The hulk” and many others keep marvel’s comic industry alive. This type of comic appeals primarily to younger children. Japanese Manga has stayed primarily on paper unlike most other modern day comics; Japanese manga is very complicated drawings and storyline, because of this, young children don’t show such an interest and therefore aimed at an older audience.

But some children show an interest in manga because of their very wide range of genres, including action, fighting, adventure, romance, tragedy and allot more. Most manga comics have a connection between them and Japanese stories/legends this started when an old Japanese monk started to write everything he had experienced in a diary this was passed down and told as a children’s story which was eventually published as a manga comic, this type of genre is rare but still published in some manufacturer’s comics.

Manga is very complicated and takes allot of work to produce the finished product, this is why Japanese manga is traditionally and often printed in black and white, if colour is used the colour pallet is very extravagant and uses a very complicated mix of colours. In the modern day comics are starting to be interpreted by television companies and paper comics are starting to slow in production, some publishers refuse to broadcast traditional paper comics on television. These few publishers have to work hard to keep up with the fast demand of old fashioned style comics but with the modern day titles.

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