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Colonial Slavery Essay

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Colonial Slavery Essay
Although geographic and social factors encouraged the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the Southern colonies between 1607 and 1775, economic factors encouraged the growth of slavery the most during this time period.

The geography of the southern colonies was not suited to standard farming as that of the northern colonies. The soil of the land was not suited to the growing of standard crops like wheat and corn. Also, the hot weather of the south did not allow for easy farming, because the weather was so hot many of the slave owners had to look for different crops to grow. Once they found the new crops it took a little while for the geography of the south to get on track and to produce goods that would sell. Social factors regarding African- Americans and slavery credited them as the workers in the south, and led to a slight growth of slavery. In the 1600’s, indentured servants filled the place of the slaves. Unlike the slaves these people were released after a short amount of time, and they were sent to work because they were criminals. The reason that slavery developed instead was because of social racism. The European people felt that everyone was inferior to them.

Blacks were not considered to have any potential role in society, and many southerners claimed they were doing the slaves a favor by offering a potential role and by simply placing blacks in their “appropriate” role within society. Because the whites ruled the south, slavery was very socially acceptable in the south during this time period. While the use of racism and the search for new crops in the south contributed to the growth of slavery between social and geographical factors; economically, slavery saved the south. If John Rolfe didn’t discover a much more efficient way to produce tobacco in mass quantities the south would not have been successful economically. The farmers in the south needed cheap laborers and the slaves had this quality making them perfect for an economic boom in the south.

The most economical way to plant and harvest the tobacco was by maintaining massive amounts of land, which was worked on by many of slaves; because of this the slave plantation was formed. By using slaves who had limited rights the south formed a model of wealth for the southern colonies. Due to this slavery was an economic success because it brought lots of money to the southern colonies and helped get the economic state of the south back on track, contributing the most to the growth of slavery during 1607 and 1775. The South’s survival relied heavily on slavery. After a period of time slavery became the most geographically suitable system, and because of the southerners mindset its social output caused growth in many of the southern colonies. But because it was economically profitable, and helped bring lots of money into the southern communities, and plantations the economic aspect contributed the most to slavery’s growth during the time period between 1607 and 1775

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