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Closed doors make us creative

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Limitations of all forms, such as lack of resources, inaccessibility to knowledge and truth, even outright closed doors, are all a reality of our life. We have to face adversities and obstacles that block our path. Yet, it is these insurmountable challenges that truly make us think critically and try to come up with a brilliant idea that moves us step forward toward our dreams and aspirations. It is exactly these “closed doors” that bring out the best in us. Examples abound throughout human history.

In prehistoric times, man was exposed to the elements without a single defense. In harsh times such as winter, he would have probably had to quietly endure the bitter cold and the razor-sharp winds. Maybe this torture might have compelled him to try and find a source of heat with which he could stay warm. This just might have led to the discovery of fire, which is an essential component of life, even in modern times. It just goes to show how a little prodding and poking can create that spark of ingenuity.

Before the advent of Industrial Revolution, men and women had to toil in the fields all day, doing backbreaking manual labor. People had to do everything by hand. But then, some rational thinkers tried to make life simpler by inventing new machines that would reduce the strain on humans. And then, as they say, the rest is history. Factories began to spring up as far as the eye could see, new machines were invented which made farming infinitely easier, and the overall quality of life drastically improved. Thus, a little creativity went on to produce drastic results.

The presence of adversities and obstacles is the very reason why the human species has come so far. If we were not forced to come up with a solution to face these restrictions, we would have never been able to progress. It is precisely man’s need to make his life easier and reduce his burdens that spurts his creativity and helps him to embrace his full potential. This instinct has led to famous, life-altering discoveries such as the computer that have forever changed man’s perspective on life. Without these wonderful closing doors, we humans would have never been forced to come up with new solutions and ideas. We would never have seen cars, computers, or internet. Safely speaking we would never even have chance to site down here and ask and answer this simple question. Closing doors simply forged human being.

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