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Centralized Inventory System

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In a modernizing world like today, computers serve as assistants to any kind of business throughout the world. They can produce and store business records, provide backup copies, and connect people through internet. Technology is continuously growing and so companies are adapting to these changes as well. These changes had also improved businesses. Computers have great impact to many items in today’s society, especially in business area. Businesses use computers for keeping track of accounts, money, or items that are needed. It is noticeable that business people are using computers a lot, especially laptops and other portable computers that may be taken to the work area. In today’s business environment, even small and mid-size businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory systems for managing materials and equipment effectively.

Centralized inventory system allows users to maintain and track materials no matter where they are located and provide some information when supplies are running low. Automation can dramatically impact all phases of inventory management, including counting and monitoring of inventory items, recording and retrieval of item storage location recording changes to inventory and anticipating inventory needs, including inventory handling requirements. Computerized tracking systems have emerged as a key component of business strategies aimed at increasing productivity and maintaining competitiveness. Background of the Study

According to their official website “Founded on November 28, 1928, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. Through its three principal business groups – fixed line, wireless, and information and communication technology – PLDT offers the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone and fixed line, cellular and satellite networks. PLDT Business Solutions is a complete portfolio of products designed to serve the ever-growing and demanding communications requirements of today’s corporate market. With PLDT’s widest array of offerings committed to provide world class technology, strong global alliances and reliable customer support, your company is assured of only the best-fit communications solutions. With PLDT’s 80 years of unrivaled leadership in the telecommunications industry, you are guaranteed of quality service “ PLDT – North Luzon Core Network (NoLuzCnet), a division also called the PLDT’s Life, handles vital networks elements of PLDT from access, transport and core network elements.

This division has 11 Staging areas namely Baguio, Tarlac, Tuguegarao, Cabanatuan, San Fernando Pampanga(SFP), San Fernando La Union (SFU), Laoag, Balanga, Dagupan, Olongapo, Sampaloc (NoPrem) and Malolos. These staging areas divided into four (4) field forces. The PLDT – NoLuzCnet Division is currently using MS Excel in handling inventory of their equipment. In this process, every required data must be typed by the user. The user categorizes the inventory through the use of sheets ranging from tools and equipment, service vehicles, laptops, ACU, Genset, dc power and a sheet for the summary.

The inventory records an item’s type, brand/model, quantity, etc. With these, some burdens exist which limits the productivity of the company in the said process, such as multiple excel files containing different categories per sheets, repetition of data to be inputted/entered and due to the interface of MS Excel data could be placed in the wrong cell. The proponents affiliated with the Tarlac Staging Area of North Luzon Core network where they have observed the flow of inventory process which needs improvement, that will help the employee in-charge to lessen the time consume by manual inventory process. In this study, the proponents will develop a centralized inventory system of the Corenet division that will minimize effort in conducting inventory and manual record keeping, therefore allowing the employee ease in checking the item stocks and equipments information. Information Technology Innovation

There are two important components in developing a computerized system, the hardware and the software. This system will be developed to serve as the main storage of inventory information; It will be used in managing the inventory of the Staging Areas. This system will work over the company’s intranet. The system will be built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 ASP.net, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery for the function and developing the system. Adobe Photoshop for the graphics and design needed. The proponents will use the SQL server 2005 for creating and managing databases. Table 1.1 and Table 1.2 further elaborate the technologies used that will be in developing the proposed system. Hardware

PC Specifications| Asus K42Jc|
Processor| Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M460 @ 2.53GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz| Video Card| Intel(R) HD GraphicsNVIDIA 310m|
Monitor| 14.0” HD LED LCD|
Memory| 4GB|
Hard Disk Drive| 300GB|
Table 1.1
Hardware Used in Developing the Proposed Study
Operating System| Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit(6.1, Build 7600)| Office Suite| Microsoft Office 2007/2010|
Programming Language| ASP.NET Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery| Database| SQL server 2005|
Graphics| Adobe Photoshop CS5|

Table 1.2
Software Used in Developing the Proposed Study

These information technology innovations are important for the development of the proposed system. It will also put into form the ideas in development period. Consecutively, the manner these methodologies are used will affect the outcome of this study. Rationale

The proponents had the chance to undergo on-the-job training in the company, particularly in the Tarlac Staging Area of North Luzon Core Network department for four (4) months. In this duration, the proponents looked on some areas that may need improvement of processes. One of the observed processes is the inventory of equipment in the entire North Luzon Core Network.

With the company’s requirement for the innovation of the inventory system, and with the belief that utilization of more advanced technology may simplify work for multiple areas of the network, the proponents arrived with this study. Further the proponents took advantage of the availability of resources such as intranet facilities and database server, in the company, which will be very vital in the materialization of the project. Statement of Objectives

This study aims to find a better solution for the problems encountered in using the existing system. The proposed system shall manage the inventory of the equipment being used by entire North Luzon Core Network. Specifically, the study seeks to achieve the following:

1. To design and develop a Centralized Inventory System for Philippine Long Distance – North Luzon Core Network Staging Areas. 2. To analyze and explain how the existing inventory system operates. 3. To identify the problems encountered in the existing system. 4. To evaluate the performance of the existing system and the developed system in terms of * Accuracy

* Inventory details are current.
* Inventory details are correct.
* Reports are complete.
* Reports tallies with inventory details.
* Information about individual equipment are error-free.
* Security
* Unauthorized access is prohibited.
* Main data repository is kept non-editable for staging areas.
* Authorized accesses are regularly monitored.
* Locked accounts can be unlocked by the Administrator only.

* Change in password notifications is sent from the administrator to the user’s email only.
* Functionality
* User interfaces suit the needs of users.
* Instructions or descriptions for data input are provided and easily understood.
* Determination of stocks level works properly.
* Adding new equipment data is done easily.
* Printing of reports is fast and easy.

Significance of the Study
The study aims to provide a system that will result to lesser effort and time from the employee-in-charge of inventory in determining stock level for specific items. Through this proposed system, accurate and secured data will be provided. This study will be beneficial to the following:

Employee-in-charge of inventory. They are the primary beneficiary of the proposed system since the system will lessen their task of manually determining stocks level and availability, and retrieving reports. Corenet Staging Areas. The proposed system will provide more effective and accurate inventory process. All stocks from different staging areas are monitored and confidential information of the equipments are kept secured. Researchers. The proponents of this proposed system looked forward in the development of the system that would enhance their knowledge attained in school especially in software development and systems analysis. Future Researchers. The study would benefit future researchers in serving as a reference and basis for studies and projects related to the proposed system. Scope and Delimitation

The proposed system covers the design and development of a Centralized Inventory System for Philippine Long Distance – North Luzon Core Network Staging Areas. The following are the scope of the study:

* The system will be able to support adding and updating of equipment data. * The system will enable users to retrieve their account password by sending request to the administrator. * The system will automatically detect items that fall below the corresponding minimum level of current stock. * The system will operate through the company’s intranet. * The system will be able of producing printable reports. * The system will automatically generate item codes for new equipment. * The system will notify user to change password every one (1) month for security purposes. * The system will use a server to be located in Tarlac Staging Area since the proposed system will be centralized. * The system will provide read and write restriction per staging area that will limit each staging area’s read and write capability to their own inventory data only. * The system will provide Uniform Universal Account and this will be a free read-only account that is accessible for all staging areas employee containing pertinent inventory data about the entire North Luzon Core Network. * Only one (1) account per Staging Area will be allowed.

* Only the administrator can unlock and create accounts.
* Only two (2) employees per Staging Area can access and use the account. * Requests by staging areas for password reset will be sent to the administrator account. * Auto-generated random password which applies to all accounts (excluding the administrator) will be used every time the administrator resets a password.

The proposed system, however, is limited to the following:
* The System is exclusive for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company North Luzon Core Network Staging Areas only. * The Universal Account can only view inventory details of staging areas. It will restrict manipulating data. * The inventory system will only include the following:

* Tool and Equipment
* Access Gateway (AG)
* Aggregator Switch (AS)
* Internet Protocol Back Bone
* Internet Protocol Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
* Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer and Data Nodes
* Trunk Gateway
* Legacy Switch

* Inter Office Trunking – Multi Service Access Platform
* Domestic Fiber Optic Network
* Fiber Optic Cable (FOC)
* Service Vehicle
* Laptops
* Air-conditioning Unit Generator Set
* Direct Current power

Definition of Terms
These terms are to be defined for better understanding of the readers. Terms can be defined conceptually or operationally based on its implication in the development of the study. Accuracy. Correctness of data to reality, Inventory accuracy is the consistency to which the data in your inventory system is in agreement with the actual inventory in your supply chain. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Image-editing software used to enhance image for graphical use of the proposed system. This will enhance the images such a logos and icons used in the system. Automation Is the replacement of manual operations to computerized methods. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Is used to make and control the design of website. Functionality The ability to provide data easily, user navigation will be fast and easy and the system will works according to its functions provided.

Intranet An intranet uses network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or work groups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization’s employees. JavaScript Is a scripting language which enables web designers to add dynamic and interactive elements to a website. MySQL Is a relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. Staging Area Are established for temporary location of available emergency responder resources. A Staging Area can be any location in which personnel, supplies, and equipment can be temporarily housed or parked while awaiting operational assignment. Security The ability to protect and provide confidentiality to the data stored within the system. It is expressed by the features requiring authentication, control of access keys, backup and recovery, user limits and protection from outside elements and environment.

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