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CAPE Past Paper questions

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Question 1
Weber conceptualized that organizations would be managed on an impersonal, rational basis. Weber called this form of organization a bureaucracy. a. Outline FO UR characteristics of a bureaucracy as specified by Weber.(8 marks) b. Discuss FOUR implications of “Weber’s bureaucracy” on today’s business organization. ( 17 marks)

Question 2
(a) Define EACH of the management functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling. (8 marks)
(b) Explain how the application of EACH function of management would help Miss Good Cook to operate her restaurant more effectively. ( 17 marks) Question 3

John the manager of KPJ Co. Ltd has been described by his workers as a “participative leader”.
(a) Define the term “participative leader”. ( 3 marks)
(b) Discuss TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of the participative leadership style.
( 16 marks)
( c) Outline THREE situations in which the participative style of leadership would be useful to  KPJ Co. Ltd. ( 6 marks) Question 4
Motivation of subordinates is an important aspect of a manager’s job. (a) Examine THREE factors that motivate a person to work well. ( 13 marks) (b) Identify and evaluate FOUR steps managers may take to motivate subordinates. (12 arks)

Question 5
( a) Distinguish between leadership skills and leadership roles, giving examples of each. (4 marks)
( b ) Communication, Consideration, planning, coaching and inspiring are some behaviours expected of effective leaders. Describe EACH of the foregoing behaviours. ( 10 marks)
( c ) With the aid of example, DISCUSS the role of each in effective leadership. ( 11 marks)

Question 6
(a) Identify TWO ways in which a multinational company may have to adapt its operations to
suit Caribbean business environment. Explain the rationale for, and the possible effects of t EACH adaptation on the company. ( 17 marks)

( b) Discuss FOUR circumstances under which state control of private enterprise is justified. ( 8 marks) Question 7
Mr. Tyre is faced with TWO options, whether to expand his existing car repairs business or to
Buy a franchise; as a solution to the problem.
The following are steps in the decision-making process.
(i) Define the problem
(ii) Analysis
(iii) Implementation
(iv) Evaluation
(a ) Discuss how each step above may assist Mr. Tyre in deciding which of the TWO options to choose from. ( 16 marks) ( b) Explain ONE way in which EACH of the following environmental factors may impact Mr. Tyre’s car repair business: Globalization

Information Technology
Government regulations
( 9 marks)
Question 8
(a) What are the main differences between the public limited company and a private limited Company. ( 3 marks) (b) Identify and describe THREE documents that must be completed to register a company. ( 6 marks) ( c) What are three benefits of a co-operative. ( 3 marks) ( d ) Identify the differences between a public corporation and a public limited company. ( 4 marks) ( e) Define the terms: (i) Limited liability

(ii) Sleeping partner
(iii) Business plan ( 6 marks)


ATTEMPT ALL questions.
Question FIVE to be researched for TUESDAY’S class.
Questions ONE and THREE are to be completed and hand in on FRIDAY. Responses to be typed and presented in a plastic folder. You are to use a cover page as shown below. Also include at least THREE sources ( ensure you document your sources accurately)

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