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Camote Tops and Coconut Milk Based Ice Cream

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Ice cream, a sweet flavored frozen food usually containing cream and butterfat, is simply one of the most delectable and most popular treats in the world. Ice cream has been around for hundreds of years and it has never failed to bring delight to both children and adults alike. [2] Included in the Top 10 Most Famous and Popular Filipino Dessert is the sorbetes. It is popularly peddled in the street of the Philippines and is known as the Philippine adaptation of the world-popular ice cream [1]. A lot of Filipinos have their own growing memories of ice cream. Its vendors are like magnets that draw attention to both children and adults. Bottom line, Filipinos have their own passion for ice cream. [3]

However, ice cream is an empty calorie food. Its soothing taste throws in a lot of calories to one’s diet; little vitamins or minerals, very little fiber or phytochemicals, and has lots of sugars [3] making it unhealthy. Good thing ice creams are very versatile that their flavors could be modified based on the manufacturers’ preference and the sweetness and fat content could be adjusted yet maintaining their delectable taste.

Nutrient-dense foods on the other hand are foods relatively rich in nutrients and these include vegetables and fruits.[9-10] Blend these ingredients to an indulging ice cream, substitute the sugars and fats and you will be able to come up with a nutrient dense ice cream that would be delectable for the Filipinos.

With this as a basis, the researchers came up with the idea of developing a nutrient dense ice cream which can be an alternative to the regular ice cream. The regular ice cream in its simplest is made of whole milk, sugar, cream, and some flavoring.[15] Milk and cream are used as a fat for the improvement of density and smoothness of texture and generally increases flavor; Sugar adds sweetness and at the same time improves the texture and body.[16] To make this regular ice cream healthier, the researchers opted to add Camote tops; replace whole milk and heavy cream with 60% coconut milk and 40% full cream; use a combination of coconut sap sugar and refined white sugar; egg yolk as an emulsifier; and lastly, fresh avocado for additional flavoring.

Camote tops are known to be one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables since it is rich in Vitamin A, iron and the only vegetable in the Philippines with iodine.[8] On the other hand, Coconut milk is a milky white oil in water emulsion extracted from the grating of coconut, (Chiewchan et al, 2006) rich in medium chain fatty acids that are known to lower bad cholesterol. Another good source of fat is the avocado; it is rich in unsaturated fats, which could also lower bad cholesterol. And the alternative sweetener, which is the coconut sap sugar, is low in glycemic index, which slowly raises blood sugar level, making it diabetic friendly.

With these information, the researchers came up with the “Camote tops and coconut milk based ice cream,” a healthier alternative for the regular ice cream, a dessert made of indigenous ingredients, suitable for Filipinos.


GENERAL: To develop a nutrient-dense ice cream made up of camote tops and coconut milk.

* To determine the acceptability in terms of taste, appearance and texture among subjects * To determine the factors such as taste, appearance, color, texture and odor that may influence the acceptance of the product among Filipinos * To provide a rich source of micronutrients Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine * To assure the product’s safety for consumption through microbial analysis

Significance of the Study
This study aims to provide the Filipinos with a good source of nutrients and fiber that they could enjoy. This is through the introduction of a nutritious ice cream that could help in satisfying ones craving. Lastly, this study aims for the familiarization of the nutrient-dense camote tops to the country, which is the third most nutritious food in the world that is available in the Philippines. [8]

Conceptual Framework
A conceptual framework is used to outline possible courses of action to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought. [4] The input includes variables and/or problems that require attention and solution to be able to get the output or results.

Input| Process| Output|
* 300 mL of coconut milk * 1/3 cup of coconut sugar, plus two tablespoons * 200 g cup of avocado, mashed * 150 g sweet potato leaves, finely chopped * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract * 1/8 tsp of sea salt * 2 egg yolks| * Heat the coconut milk over a medium flame * Beat the egg yolks and coconut sugar. Pour in a little heated coconut milk then whisk until smooth. * Pour the egg mixture into the remaining milk in a sauce pan and stir until thicken * Remove from heat and set aside to cool down. * Once it cools down, beat in the remaining ingredients. * Make according to your ice cream maker’s instructions. Pour in the mixture into the ice cream maker and wait until your desired consistency.| * A nutritious ice cream with camote tops and coconut milk as base and avocado fruit for flavor|

Scope and Limitations of the Study
* The study aims to test the acceptability of the nutrient-dense ice cream to first year college students of the College of Education in the University of Santo Tomas. * Enhancement of the children’s food preferences by giving them proper nutrition with our product as an alternative to empty-calorie foods. * Provision of a food item rich in vitamin A, iron and iodine.

* This study focuses only on the adolescents and does not include other age groups since the study is only a short term process. * The researchers will not be able to know the effect of the product to the subjects’ health/nutritional status since they wouldn’t be subjected to any form of assessment.


The researchers will be able to come up with a nutrient-dense ice cream, rich in iron, vitamin A and iodine and is a good source of unsaturated fats, other nutrients and fiber, which is acceptable to Filipino children and adolescents. It will be guaranteed safe for consumption by having it undergo a microbial analysis. The product will also go through specific nutrient content count to assure that it is a good source of the alleged micronutrients. Rather than the usual empty-calorie ice cream, it can be a good alternative choice for the aforementioned population group. It is also made up of indigenous ingredients that are less expensive which can serve as a good way to promote local food items, implying that such nutritious foods are of reach among Filipinos.

Definition of terms

* Nutrient-dense – a measure of the nutrients food provides relative to the energy it provides. * Sensory evaluation- The description and evaluation of food products using the human sense. It is an analytical method in which the human senses serves as a measurement tool determine quality and/or to describe the condition of a food product. * Empty-calorie food – a popular term used to denote foods that contribute energy but lack protein, vitamins, and minerals * Microbial analysis – a method rely primarily on agar culturing as a means to enumerate and identify bacteria, especially when analyzing complex, mixed species cultures. [18]


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