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Caloocan City Lgu Organization

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Aside from Manila, Pasay and Quezon City, the City of Caloocan is one of the pioneer city in Metro Manila, its development and growth has remained largely laggard. Caloocan is considered as the cradle of heroes and patriots are now living up to its potential and billing. To give the residents a good service the Local Government of Caloocan formed different and it is as follows:

Management and Policy Making

It is the cluster of department and offices of the City Government that exercise management, supervision, support, policy and planning making responsibility which set the direction and thrust for all other city government enabling them to carry out their functions more efficiently.

Office of the City Mayor

The Office is headed by the City Mayor. He or she serves as the local chief executive who exercises genera supervision and control over the executive and administrative function of the different departments and offices of the city.

Office of the City Administrator

The Office is headed by the City Administrator. This office is the one in-charge of the develop plans, programs, strategies and implements the same particularly those which deal with the management and administration-related programs and projects. He or she also serves as the Mayor’s principal advisor, monitoring and coordinating related to general operation and financial administration of the City.

Office of the Secretary to the Mayor

The Office is headed by the Secretary to the Mayor. He or she is the one in-charge of the custody of all records and documents of the city and of any office or department thereof for which provision is not otherwise made. He or she also is the one who keeps the corporate seal and affix the same with his or her signature to all ordinances and resolutions signed by the City Mayor and to all other official documents and papers of the government of the city as may be required by law or ordinance.

City Legal Office

The Office the City Legal is headed by the City Legal Officer. He or she is serve as the representative of the local government unit in all civil actions and special proceedings wherein the local government unit or any of its officials. The Office of the City Legal also assist the City Mayor in drafting ordinances, contracts, bonds, leases and other instrument involving any interest of the City and provide comments and recommendations on any instruments already drawn.

Human Resource and Management Office

The Human Resource and Management Office is headed by the City Personnel Officer. The HRMO is in-charge of providing assistance and advice in the development, formulation, execution of the City Government’s policies, orders and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the Civil Service Law and Rules. They are also in charge of the processing of appointment documents as well as requests for vacation and sick leaves.

City Planning and Development Office

This Office is headed by an Officer in Charge. He or she is the one in-charge of formulating integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies for consideration of the local development council. They are also the one who conduct continuing studies, research and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation.

General Services Office

Officer in Charge, GSO

The Office of the General Services is headed by an Officer in Charge. The main tasks of the Office of the General Services is to manage acquisition, maintenance, safekeeping, utilization and disposal of the City Government’s properties, supplies as well as real and movable assets.

Internal Audit Services

The Office of the Internal Audit Services is headed by an Officer in Charge. It is mandate to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to ass value and improve the City Government’s operations. The IAS helps the City Government accomplish its objective by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Barangay Secretariat

The Office of the Barangay Secretariat is headed by an Officer in Charge. This officer is the one in-charge of the administrative and operational arm of the City Government on barangay matters.

Public Information Office

The Office of the Public Information is headed by an Officer in Charge and it is in-charge of keeping the constituents of Caloocan well informed about the programs and plans of the City Government.

Community Relations Office

The Office of the Community Relation is headed by an Officer in Charge and it is the one who assists the City Mayor in realizing its mission of reforming Caloocan City and bringing the City Government closer to the people en route to attain responsible community.

Revenue and Financial Services

It is the cluster of departments and offices of the City Government that oversee the implementation and exercise of the taxing and revenue-raising powers of the City Government in accordance with existing law on local taxation and revenue and fiscals matters. This cluster is also concerned with all the facets involving fiscal administration of the Caloocan City Government.

City Treasurer’s Office

The Office is headed by the City Treasurer. The officer is the one who take custody of and exercise proper management of the funds of the City.

City Assessor’s Office

The Officer of City Assessor is headed by the City Assessor. The main task of the office is to appraise real properties within the territorial jurisdiction of Caloocan City through field inspections and verification of its full market value by application of accepted methods.

Business Permits and Licensing Office

The Office of the BPLO is headed by an Officer in Charge. The main goal of the office is to regulate the issuance of Business permits to businesses and commercial establishments located with the City of Caloocan.

City Accounting Office

The Office of the City Accounting is headed by the City Accountant. The main task of the office is to prepare collection adjustments monthly to determine the actual share of the City and the 188 barangays. The office is also in-charge of issuance of Certification of Income Tax Withheld for all city officials and employees. City Accounting Office also prepares and submits financial statements to the Commission on Audit, local government officials and other national government agencies.

City Budget Department

The Department of City Budget is headed by the City Budget Officer. The Department is in-charge of managing the financial transactions and allocate the city’s income and the current expenditure of the City. CBD is also mandated to oversee the local budget process and assist the Sangguniang Panlungsod by providing its expertise in the evaluation of proposed and approved budgets for the City.

Empowering the Citizenry

It is the cluster of departments and offices of the Caloocan City Government that provide frontline and basic services to the constituents and inhabitants of the City. This cluster is mandated to alleviate poverty, ensure access to quality education, healthcare, decent shelter, means of livelihood and other related services.

City Health Department

The Department of City Health headed by City Health Officer is in-charge of providing accessible, available and affordable and acceptable quality basic health care delivery system at all times through advance technology and fully equipped health facilities manned by dedicated, competent and well-compensated manpower.

City Veterinary Office

The Office of the City Veterinary headed by the City Veterinarian is in-charge of developing plans and strategies and implements veterinary activities, such as in the outbreak of highly-contagious and deadly diseases, and in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work
and human consumption, particularly those arising from and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities and disasters.

City Social Welfare and Development Office

The Office of City Social Welfare and Development headed by the Social and Welfare Officer is committed to formulate and implement comprehensive programs and services aimed to develop individuals, groups and communities to be self-reliant. The Office is also committed to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged individual, groups and communities thru social welfare interventions.

City Division Schools

The City Division Schools in Caloocan headed by Division Superintendent serves as an arm of the Department of Education and the City Government is tasked with the delivery of basic education services to public elementary and secondary schools in City of Caloocan.

City Engineer Department

The Department of City Engineer headed by the City Engineer is in-charge of initiating, reviewing and recommending changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works of the City.

Office of the City Building Official

The Office of the City Building Official headed by an Officer in Charge is responsible of monitoring and ensuring the compliance of the design and construction of buildings and infrastructures within the City with that of the City’s Building Code as well as the National Building Code.

Urban Poor Affairs Office

The Office of Urban Poor Affairs headed by an Officer in Charge is responsible of designing, coordinating and implementing the socialized housing and resettlement programs for Caloocan City’s underprivileged residents and informal settlers.

Reformed Department of Public Safety Management

The Management headed by an Officer in Charge is responsible of providing public security, formulate plans and programs that would improve public safety, and is at the forefront of ensuring an efficient traffic management system for Caloocan City.

Environmental and Sanitation Services

The Office of the Environmental and Sanitation Services headed by an Officer in Charge is responsible of enforcing all laws, regulations and policies pertinent environmental management and pollution control.

Civil Registry Department

Headed by City Civil Registrar, the Civil Registry Department is primarily in-charge for the conduct of civil registration in the City. The Department is also responsible for continuous, permanent, compulsory recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events as defined and provided for by statutes, decree or regulation passed upon by the state.

Cultural Affairs and Tourism Office

The Office headed by an Officer in Charge is responsible for initiating and implementing the City Government’s activities related to culture and tourism.

Parks Administration Services

The Office of the Parks Administration Services headed by an Officer in Charge is tasked to formulate plans, programs and estimates for the
identification, improvement and development of open intended for the establishment of parks and playgrounds within the territorial jurisdiction of the City.

Sports and Recreation Services

Headed by an Officer in Charge, the Sport and Recreation Services is in-charge of promoting the propagation and development of sports and recreational activities in Caloocan City.

Reform in Caloocan

When Mayor Recom Echiverri was elected in 2004, He together with the City Councils added some department as part of the reform in the City. They added that department to give better services to the residents and give them better governance. Some of the department are as follows:

University of Caloocan City

This University was created by converting the then Caloocan City Polytechnic College into a full-pledge university with the passage of City Ordinance No. 0375 on February 9, 2004. It was established pursuant to the policy of the City Government for graduates of the City’s secondary public schools, particularly the poor but deserving students, to pursue University education.

Office of Senior Citizens Affairs

The Office serves as a coordinating arm for the provision of programs and projects that would benefit the City’s senior citizens sector.

Labor and Industrial Relation Office

The Office of the Labor and Industrial Relation was created during the earlier part of the Mayor Echiverri’s first term. As an offshoot of the former Department of Urban, Social and Industrial Relations Services which used to handle concerns on social welfare, industrial relations and public employment services. The main task of the office is to develop and enhance the cooperation and understanding between management and labor towards industrial peace in the City of Caloocan.

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