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Britvic Marketing an introduction

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Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concept.

The business should pay attention to these five concepts; they are production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing. Markets are the set of actual and potential buyers of a product. A successful marketing should give customers the right product, at the right price, available in the right place such as shops and online with the right promotion. Human wants, needs and demands for goods and services are quite important for marketing, because the customer plays an important role in all of the organizations’ activities; he or she is the centre of them. The society should provide humans’ welfare; company should pay attentions to profits and consumers want the satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is very important. Through the satisfied customers, they can achieve the organizational goals. As long as all functions are responsible for the consumers, and they can get the customer satisfaction.

Exercise: 2
Explain Britvic’s micro and macro environment.

The actors and forces outside marketing have an effect on building the marketing management’s abilities and the customers’ maintain successful relationships, they are included by the marketing environment. The marketing environment has been divided into three sides-Internal Environment, The Microenvironment and The Macroenvironment. According to this, it is quite important for Britvic’s micro and macro environment. The micro environment will directly affect the Britvic’s immediate environment, supplies, customers, distributors and competitors are the main factors. The supplies are one of the important factors, they should be treated like partners because they can take the resources to the producers so that the manufactures can produce goods and these can provide customer value.

Another important factor is the competitors, the competitors such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi must position their offerings against Britvic’s offerings so that they can gain strategic advantage. The Britvic’s marcoenvironment is composed of external forces. Forces like political, economic, legal and social may affect the organization but are beyond the control. In a given society, laws and government agencies, and pressure groups that limit various organizations and individuals. The factor that can have an influence on customer purchasing power and spending patterns is economic environment. In year 2008, it saw a decline in soft drinks sales bacause of the economic environment—the enconomic downturn.so we need pay more attention on it.

Exercise: 3
Explain why market research and the information gathered are important to an organization like Britvic.

Marketing research is an important method; it is a series of design and analysis. Britvic can make decisions on their markets and both online or offline business operations by the data relevant reports. For example, according to the survey about the customers’ wants and needs, Britvic made a decision that they should produce the still drinks and it made customers feel satisfied, so it became the number one supplier in the UK. Because of identification of new markets system, companies can gather plenty of important information. This useful information can help firms like Britvic to provide the right goods just like their still drinks in the right place the UK, and last but not least, that is at the right time. It can also help the firms to determine the required resources. According to this information, it can decrease the companies’ risks into minimum value.

Exercise: 4
Explain how Britvic might collect and use market research information. Include one quantitative and one qualitative research technique in your response.

During the marketing research process, it ususlly has four steps. The first one is to clarify and definethe problem and make a study on the objectives. Then, we should gather some relevant imfoemation. After that, we can analyze the data. At last, we can draw the conclusions and provide the report. There are two kinds of the mian resources about marketing research data, they are secondary data and primary data. The first one of the data is the imformation that has already existed somewhere, it is speedy and inexpensive. And the second one is the information that has been collected for some special objectives, this way maybe a little expensive but more uesful. In order to get the primary research, here are two different kinds of ways: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative reseach refers to collect the imformation which can be useful for a firm. Another way is quantitative research, this way need a plenty of the information which is about the establish statistical information and this maybe use a the subject matter. An example to qualitative, Britvic can take a discussion about the new kinds of beverage in group discussions. An example to quantitative, according to the surveys about the customers’s wants and needs, they may make a new plan about the drinks.

Exercise 5
Explain the process of market segmentation and targeting and the benefits of segmentation and targeting to Britvic.

Due to different people want different mix of benefits frome products and services, the companie want more efficient and effective products and services to match customers’ unique needs. They will take a method to divide large heterogeneous markets into small markets, and this is market segmentation. The process of market segmentation and targeting can be divided into three mian steps. First of all, the companies have to identify the requirements and characteristics of the market, then, they can use the behavioural or geograpphic method to put the customers who have similar characteristics into the same groups, after that, the companies can take some choices about the markets as their targets. Britvic selected the drink market as it’s target because it found that consumers love still drinks and carbonates, Britvic developed differential marketing strate gies and improved strtegic plianning. Although it might get some threats but also the

Exercise 6
Exlain marketing theory in relation to each of the 4Ps. Explain the factors that would affect how Britvic might decide on their choice of each of these items.

Marketing mix is divided into four parts, they are product, place, price and promotion. Product is anything that might be satisfield with a need or want for the market. It includes attention, acquistion, consumption. Britvic’s product mix has a particular seller offers for sale, and it also pay attention on the set of all product lines. It has different kinds of drinks and it has different groups of customers. When a firm produces a new product, it can earn profits for the firm. However, it has a limited time, after that it may be less value for the firm because of less interest to the market. And that is the product life cycle. It is very important to the market, it can improve our needs of new product, so it may have an infunence on the future new product development. A company can try to develop a new innovation or copy a product from a competitor’s product.

Place is also an important role in the marketing mix. In this role, the marketing channel is quite indispensable. The particular set of interdependent prganizations are the marketing channel. It is involved in the process of a product or service available for consumption. By bridging the major time, place, and possession gaps, channel members can also add value. There are some different distribution channels here,such as the wholesaler and retalier. The wholesaler is the firm engaged primarily in wholesalerand make all the activities be involved in selling goods and services to those buying for reslae or business use. It usually sells to retailers or industrial consumers and even sells to other wholesalers. Retailer is anthor distribution channel. Retaliers are businesses whose sales come primarily from retailing.

While talking about retailing, it includes all activities in selling products or services to the consumers directly, and it’s not for business use. It can be done in stores and also can be done out of stores. There are many ways like telephone and catalogs can be used. In Britvic, regions can be affected on their choice of distribution channel, because their costumers have a wide reach, so they need to pay attention to different regions of people who have different requirements on the drinks, and once they got enough useful information, they can select different wholesales to help them sell the products to different regions. Another factor is the competitor—coca-cola, the selections of the distribution channels they choose may affect Britvic’s.

The consumers exchange the sum of the values for the benefits of using the products or service is called price. The only element in the markeing mix is price decisions so that all the rest are costs. So, setting the right price is quite important. And firms have a lot of choices about the price decisions. Penetration price is one of these methods, it always make a product enter into the market at a lower price in the short term, the purpose is to accelerate market growth at the expense of high margin, in order to obtain higher sales and market share, resulting in significant cost benefits, costs and prices can be lowered. Price does not mean cheap, but the value is relatively low. Price skimming is another pricing strategy, while the product is in a high price, in the early stage of the product’s life, before competitors developed the similar products, the company may recover investment as soon as possible, and achieve a considerable profit. So, while Britvic make a decision about the pricing strategy. It may be affected by some internal factors and external factors. They should consider about the costs of the dirnks, and competitions like Coca-cola may have some influences on their pricing decisions.

Promotion element of the marketing mix consists of adveryising, public relations, personal selling and direct-marketing tools. It is the business of communicating with customers, and it also can build customer relationships. Advertising is one of the methods. It is at low cost per exposure, it can reaches masses of geographically dispersed buyers, and from the advertising, the seller can repeat this message many times. While Britvic choose the advertising, the saller can tell more and more customers about Britvic by the advertising, then the brand of Britvic can be familiar with the customers. During the buying process, personal selling is a good method because this can build buyers’ perference, actions, convictions and while Britvic choose to use this tool, it can develop customer relationships.

Exercise 7
In marketing a service, explain the importance of a b c.

The marketing of services should include process, people and physical environment. In the quality of service provided, process of a service are playing important roles especially in a resturant. Process includes the procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities in a service delivery. A customer come into the resturant and he can order something for a dinner, and the waiter provide the food for him, then he can pay the money for this dinner. This whole flow is the process. People refer to employees and other consumers. In a resturant, the customers, waiters and the cashier, even include the cook. A good waiter can build a good figure of the resturant, and the custmer feel comfortable in it, so he may come here again and tell this resturant to others. Customers usually look for the quality of service with physical evidence because of the service. The evidence is related to the environment in which the service is dilivered. In a resturant, they may care about the environment and the attitudes of the waiters, if the environment here is suitable for customers and the waiters are conversant, they may into staying here, and let other customers go to this resturant.

Exercise 8
Explain how Britvic might adapt their marketing mix in response to three possible changes in market conditions.

The Britvic may be affected on some external factors which can be changed all the time. Ageing population is an important factor, the aging of the population is that in the total population, the number of the young is decreased and the number of the old population is increased, they may not be interested in the drinks. Economic recession is another factor, it is a bad situation in the market and people may not want to consume. So Britvic must be affected by these factors, also, government promotion of healthy life style can affect the organization, people may pay more attention on their healthy drinks and they may rufuse to drink the caebonates and still drinks cause they think it may hurt their bodies. So Britvic should take actions to change. There are more and more old people today, Britvic can try to show some new products which is adapted to these people. They can also change their recipe and craftsmanship so that their products can be in a lower costs, and they can sell these products in a lower price. They can even produce some new products which are beneficial to the customers’ bodies, and can keep theirs in health so that these drinks can be a healthy lifestyle in our daily life.

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