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Book Report on Private Peaceful

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The book “Private Peaceful”, by Michael Morpurgo, is about a young man named Tommo and the memories he had as a child in his perspective. Tommo has an older brother named Charlie who has been a great influence on Tommo’s life, and when Charlie gets enlisted into the army, Tommo follows. A majority of the story takes place when the two boys are fighting in World War 1 showing the emotional and physical obstacles they overcame.

Gemini- Big Joe
I chose a Gemini for Big Joe because throughout the story he is always very curious with nature. He was always collecting specimens and different animals to play with or to observe. Big Joe is also affectionate and very kind, he never wanted hurt or offend anyone. However, I also chose a Gemini for Big Joe because at times in the book, Big Joe could sometimes be too energetic and cause havoc in the story. This is one of the main reasons Charlie and Tommo don’t Big Joe along with them. Also, he had a very short attention span where one moment he would be observing something then after another in a second.

I chose Scorpio for Charlie because Charlie is was always there for Tommo and a true friend for him. Tommo always was the first priority of Charlie and he defended him when Tommo had entangled himself into a fight. Charlie was also very stubborn and a true rebel at heart. He never followed the rules, he viewed them as more guidelines than actual rules. Most importantly, Charlie was a very brave hero for Tommo. When Charlie had gotten caught fighting, he had to be punished by getting six strokes. Charlie stands hs ground and doesn’t make a single sound while getting whacked. Tommo says “I am so proud of him for that. I have the bravest brother in the world.” Although Charlie posses many positive qualities he also has some negative ones. Tommo has an enormous crush on a girl that hangs around Charlie and him, and Charlie knows this yet, he still goes behind his brothers’ back and dates her
without even telling Tommo.

I chose a Pices for Tommo because Tommo is always very gentle and compassionate about everything he does. In the beginning if the book, a boy is making fun of Tommos’ mentally disabled brother and Tommo lungs towards him, despite the fact the boy is much larger than him, and tries beating him up. Unsuccessful as he is, Tommo showed a lot of compassion to try and defend his brother. On the other hand, Tommo seems to always have a sense of a desire to escape reality. In the very beginning if the book he states: ” I’ve had nearly eighteen years of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, and tonight I must remember as many of them as I can. I want tonight to be long, as long as my life, not filled with fleeting dreams that rush me on towards dawn.” whatever it is happening in the morning Tommo certainly does not want it to happen and wants to escape reality and return to his past.

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