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Barbeque: person, place, object, and/or event and the 5 senses if possible

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It was the Holy month of Ramadan, this is when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Every dinner is to be special but today I was craving something different. My wife Angela was starting to get dinner ready when she asked what would I like for dinner. I wasnt sure, but earlier that day I was working in the garage and I happened to walk by the barbeque grill and I thought to my self I wouldnt mind a burger so I told my wife lets barbeque.

I started to get everything ready I cleaned the makeshift barbeque grill, (its really a Home Depot style fire pit). I blew out the ashes from the past barbeque we had. I set the bricks along the bottom of the pit. I started to gather up small twigs from around the yard and set them into a small pile in the pit. I doused them with lighter fluid it makes the fire burn easier at the beginning. After I placed the small twigs in the pit I poured the Kingsford charcoal on top of the twigs placed them into a small pile and doused them with lighter fluid too and let them soak in for about tens minutes. Finally I was about to light the fire, I lit the match and bent over to place it at the bottom of the pit when POP it blew up in my face, I was o.k. but I singed a few facial hairs non-the less the fire was burning.

My wife brought out the hamburgers patties and the grill had a violent red-hot glow. I put the first few patties on the grill and watched them sizzle from the red hot charcoals underneath, after a couple of minutes the water and juices was starting to seep through from the top of the burger patties, thats a sign that its time to flip them over. As I flipped the patties over, the fire burned in a mad rage because of the juices and fat dripping onto the scorching coals and the smoke filling the surrounding air I put a slice of cheese on each patty. The smell was better than ever because I havent eaten all day watching the meat slowly grilling and the smoke bellowing into my face the smell was so inviting and tempting but I had about five more minutes before we can break our fast. I couldnt resist but guilt was stronger so I waited.

The burgers were done I placed them on a plate and rushed inside because it was time to break our fast. I placed them on the table and I immediately filled a cup of ice cold 7-up and chugged it down, it was a relief because my mouth was dry and my stomach was screaming. Finally I started to make what I was craving all day. I grabbed the lightly toasted bottom of the hamburger bun and spread some Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce across the bun I laid the hamburger patty on top the bun and tossed a few slices of onions, tomatoes and cool crisp lettuce, I put the top part of the bun on I grabbed that hamburger and I rammed it into my mouth and wow did that taste so good.

We usually barbeque about once or twice a week but living in Michigan and the crazy weather we get we can only barbeque in the summer months. Barbequing during the month of Ramadan to me is special because I dont usually help my wife prepare dinner, but around Ramadan we want to eat together so I help out and when it come to barbecuing I am good at it, beside my wife usually has her hands full getting the kitchen cleaned and the table set. A little help is always appreciated. My wife has no complaints and we can enjoy our dinners together.

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