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Balangigawater billing system

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Taking a glimpse on the ancient times, man’s work was too slow that caused too much time and effort in able to finish their work.As time passed by, it was enhanced through enormous effort of many individuals involved in the digital world. There has been a great and lightning-fast innovationdueto the emergence of technology. Many minds have been awakened and can now help by inventing things that one would not have imagined to be in existence many years ago. One of the great contributions of Information Technology is the invention of personal computer. It is an electronic programmable device that can store, retrieve and process data into useful information. It is very vital nowadays not only in the world of work but also in education; indeed it is extraordinarily essential in different institutions. Computers can reduce paper work and cost associated with performing routine transactions. Nowadays tedious works are easier, faster and more convenient because of technology(Moimoy,2012). Billing process is very complex; it involves receiving of billing records, determining of billing rates, calculating the cost of each billing record and aggregating of records in which the aforementioned procedures are very time-consuming. People seek and crave for better and more efficient ways to accomplish tedious task. At the present time, people behind large and small companies adopt modern technology in order to survive and compete with market demands. Also, through the use of this technology, different transactions and processing systems have become computerized for greater ease and accuracy (Moimoy,2012).

Nowadays, companies shift from manual to computerize primarily because of advantages brought by the use of computers. Currently, all of their customer’s information including the water consumption was stored in the customers’ database using spreadsheet. Since the Balangiga Water Supply System Office is using a manual process, they are consuming a lot of time to store, manage, update and retrieve all the information of thousands of its customers. Also, there are possibilities of pending transactions for other work activities such as saving the important customer data, registering the new customer and retrieving the important files regarding to their previous water bill. In connection with this, problems such as missing data and information sent to the wrong place arise. Furthermore, some could not be able to handle the massive volume of data of customer. Under the old manual membership and billing systems, it takes up too much time to process.

Computerized system and improved efficiency has been the focus of entrepreneurs. As with many business scenarios, getting rid of paper improves efficiency, reduces human error and allows information to flow to an infrastructure without a time consuming data input process. There is also less chance of handwritten orders being misread and a higher customer turnaround as customers will be served faster. In accordance to this, the software developers proposed the Computerizationof WaterBilling System in Balangiga Water Supply System Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar. The system will be developed especially to meet the needs of the Office Personnel and the clients as well.Itaimed to provide end to end solution which will help them on the information like the detailed information about customers and their accounts.

Objectives of the Study
This study aims to improve and enhance the billing process in Balangiga Water Supply System by the Computerization of Water Billing System inBalangiga Water Supply System Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar.

It will have the following specific objectives:
1. To designa Computerized Water Billing System inBalangiga Water Supply Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar. 2. To develop a Computerized Water Billing System inBalangigaWater Supply Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar. 3. To test a Computerized Water Billing System inBalangigaWater Supply Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This study will focus on the Computerization of Water Billing System in Balangiga Water Supply System Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar. It will cover the process of preparing the bills of every clients, safe-keeping the records and computing the consumed cubic meter accurately as well as computing the total amount of the bill for each client. This study will be conducted on October 2013 at Balangiga Water Supply System Office,Balangiga, Eastern Samar. The proponents will conduct a survey at Balangiga Water Supply System Office with the use of questionnaires and series of interviews to be answered by the respondent. The respondent of the study will be the Office Personnel involved in preparing the water bills. And the primary beneficiaries of the proposed system will be the personnel as well as the clients of Balangiga Water Supply System Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar.

Significance of the Study
The result of the study will help the office personnel inBalangiga Water
Supply System Office to have a faster and efficient way of operating the Water Billing System. Specifically, it will also be beneficial to the following group of individuals:

To the Office Personnel. The output of the study will be beneficial to the persons involve in making the water bills since it would be a tool for them to improve their current process into a more manageable way with a more accurate output. To the Clients. The output of the study will be beneficial to the clients in the sense that it will give them an accurate and faster processing of the bills. To the LGU-Balangiga Administration. The improved process of the billing system will be a symbol of modernization of the institution and will serve as a model to other government and non-government agencies. To the Proponents. The modernization of the water billing process will lead to the enhancement of the skills of the researchers in developing their programming ability. To the Future Researchers.The proposed study will benefit and help the future researchers as their guide. The study can also be an instrument in the conceptualization of their future study.

Conceptual Framework of the Study
Figure 1 shows Schematic Paradigm of the study. It illustrates the input – process – output model of the proposed study entitled Computerization of Water Billing System in Balangiga Water Supply Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar.


Figure 1Schematic Paradigm Showing the Conceptual Framework of the Study
Definition of Terms

The following terms are herein defined conceptually and operationally for easy and clear understanding of the study. Alpha Test. This is testing the system with users from within an organization or company before releasing the system to the customers (Computer Dictionary, 2006). In this study, this term refers to the first stage of testing wherein the researchers and their adviser tested the system. Beta Test. This is to test a product, especially computer software by giving it to a new customer to try out before the final version is put on scale (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). In this study, this term refers to the second stage of testing wherein the Computer Science third year students will rate the system with the use of the score cards. Billing System.Itis a combination of software and hardware that receives call detail and service usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, creates reports for management, and records payments made to customer accounts (Pal, 2013).In this study, it refers to the subject under study. Computer .An electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematicaland logical operations at highspeed, and display the results of these operations (Marean et. al, 2006).This will be used in the designing, developing and testing of the system as well as in encoding all the needed documents in the study.

Computerization. It is utilizing with electronic computers on their use (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). In this study, this term refers to the process of converting manual operation to an automated procedure. Clients.They are also called costumers, buyers or purchasers, they are usually refers the current or potential buyers of products of an individual called the supplier (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). In this study, this term refers to one who seeks the services at Balangiga Water Supply System Office.

Design. It is the planning that lays the basic of making every object or system (Wikipedia, 2009). In this study, this term refers to gathering of data through conducting an interview and on field observation and using flow charts to explain how the system will work. Develop. This is a term to bring out the capabilities or possibilities (Webster Dictionary, 9th Edition 2000). In this study, this term refers to identifying hardware and software requirements, installing software, applying appropriate backgrounds and photos on interfaces, analyzing and encoding information, coding the program and creating tables on database. Expert.This refers to someone who has a special skill or special knowledge of a subject, gained as a result of training or experience (Dictionary of Contemporary English, 2005). In this study, this refers to the faculty of the College of Information and Communication Technology (CICT) who are handling major subjects. Log in. it refers to gain access to a computer system by entering a name and password or other appropriate commands. (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). In this study, it is access to the system by entering a username and password. Log out. It is to end a session on a computer by typing in the appropriate command. (Microsoft Encarta, 2007).

In this study, it is to end the sessions on the Water Billing System. Microsoft Word. This is a word processing used to create, format and save letters, manuscripts and other documents (Jemma Development Group, 2010). In this study, this refers to the application that will be used in encoding the documents necessary in the conduct of the study. Output.This is the term used to describe information that comes from a computer or computer device after it has been processed (Computer Dictionary, 2006). In this study, it is the result of input and process. Password. It is a secret word or phrase that the user must use to gain entry to a place. (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). In this study this is inputted after the username as a user log in to the Water Billing System. Payment. It is usually made in exchange for the provision of goods, services or both, or to fulfill a legal obligation (Wikipedia, 2009). In this study, this term refers to the amount paid by the clients in the services availed from the Balangiga Water Supply Office personnel. Pilot Test. Involves conducting a preliminary test of data collection tools and procedures to identify and eliminate problems, allowing programs to make corrective changes or adjustments before actually collecting data from the target population(Pfleeger, 2000).In this study, this term refers to the last stage of testing of the system by the instructors and professors of CICT and the proposed user which is the office personnel. Program. It is a sequence of things to be done (Capon, 2000). In this study, it is a set of instruction that is written in a language that is understandable by the computer. SystemDevelopment.System development is a broad field of endeavour dealing with the design and creation of new system. (Cayne, 2000). In this study, this refers to the designing, developing and testing the system.

Related Literature
According to Tadeo(2012), billing system is a set of manual and computerized billing methods and procedure. It is very complex starting from network elements that generates usage to the billing system. Water billing is a necessary tool to assist small municipalities, utility providers, bookkeepers, operators, managers, and auditors in unifying their water billing services, in order to provide consistent and accurate billing information to clients and service recipients. It is essentially software that processes data and procedures invoices in a given format, facilitating and unifying the billing process. Water billing also consider what company or organizations basic software needs are. Basic points to look for include data entry methods that are both efficient and uncomplicated. As stated byPeejay (2012), billing system is a system for listing the transactions of the company to a certain customer or client. Many of companies use billing system for their transactions for an organized manner of transacting money and stocks. HIPAA rules are followed throughout the entire medical billing process.

The rules for the HIPAA makes sure the patient’s medical information is not distributed to people that would use it to cause harm to others and the patient. The ICD-9-CM is used to correctly code the disease or injury of the patient which is used in the 4th medical billing step. It is also important to correctly bill the patient for the correct disease. If the correct disease is not on the patient’s chart then the patient may be tested and diagnosed with the wrong disease. The CPT codes are used to correctly bill the patient for the right procedure. It needs to be correct for the patient so the patient is not billed for the wrong procedure. If the code is missing printed then the patient can be charged for the wrong procedure. That would cause a billing problem for the provider and the patient.The HCPCS codes also are important to the patient’s folder because the HCPCS Level II codes are used to bill patient’s for supplies, products, and services that may be needed for the patient. Walkers and wheelchairs are repeated for patient use in the HCPCS Level II codes (Kraus, 2012). Billing system should provide service to the user, and generate invoices of each credit expired, each billing cycle depends on the billing type. It is also designed to provide billing solutions, and facilitate the process for service providers.

A water billing system is used to make the task of billing a quick and easy process. It can also handle any concerns or queries that are posed by the consumers more efficiently. It can also enhance employee productivity as they are able to respond to consumer’s questions promptly (Tadeo, 2012). Accurate and timely billing is critical to the financial success of any facility. The process for billing medical care can be a very complex process and requires intense training and ongoing education. To ensure appropriateness, the government has developed numerous standards for billing, coding and documentation of medical care. With changes in technology, the way in which the billing process works has expanded. Traditionally, the hospital would be required to make hard copies of all of their documents, which would then be sent by mail to the insurance company. This process has been made more efficient over the years through the use of computers and it is now possible to use various types of software to transfer this information. Medical Billers, who perform facility claim duties, work diligently to provide accurate and timely billing services. In order for the facility to provide the right documentation to the insurance company, it is necessary for a biller/coder to understand which procedures are covered by the insurance company (Nykol,2011).

The relationship between patient accounts, data flow and charge capture is as follows, in order to provide competent medical billing and collections services in a timely and cost effective manner that will maximize the reimbursement revenue at a competitive market price. This guarantees that 98% of claims are paid on first submission and electronic claims are paid within 5 to 14 days, and payments are recovered on aged claims within 30 days. This in turns reduces medical costs and improves care. With electronic medical recording is supposed to reduce the paperwork, increase efficiency and improve health outcomes. Healthcare data flow has the ability to analyze data at the claim and transaction level and identify root causes and creating processing errors. Overcharges can mean valuable time spent researching the error, updating forms, and rebilling not to mention having an unhappy patient. Missed charges, of course, mean immediate loss of revenue. Both of these charges translate into time wasted and could be signs of greater inefficiencies. So a well-defined efficient charge-capture process is critical to any healthcare organization. Regardless of the charge-capture process and software that is used it pays to step back every once in a while and take a hard look at the overall approach (Antoinette, 2011). Inventory
is more closely to sales forecast and reduced safely stocks.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is software translation of documents and out of generic form so that Companies can perform translations about ordering and carrying cost ordered time and expected sales level are used in EDI to calculate the economic order quantity, safety, stocks and all the order prints (Cooley, 2008). As stated by Cardoso (2003), telecommunications industry’s customers are demanding comprehensive security solutions. A secure network should be protected against malicious and inadvertent attacks and should have high availability, appropriated response time, reliability, integrity, scalability, and provide accurate billing information. Security must not only be a thread of concern for each product or service, but must be developed in a manner that promotes the interweaving of security capabilities in the overall end-to-end security solutions. To achieve such a solution in multi-vendor environment, network security should be designed around a standard security framework. For the majority of users and applications, increased security cannot be achieved with technology that decreases usability. Then, it is essential that the human interface be designed for ease of use, so that users routinely and automatically apply the protection mechanisms correctly. Also, to the extent that the user’s mental image of his protection goals matches the mechanisms he must use, mistakes will be minimized Keywords — availability, authentication, access, confidentiality, control, integrity, quality, risk, security, threat, usability, vulnerabilities.

Local Community Hospitals Information Systems (2003), these systems ensure that all billing, tracking, patient care, bed management, pharmacy, counselling and recruitment as well as rotation of surgical teams are on schedule. The presence of automation and software as the mainframe of a Local Community Hospitals administration means that all information has to be processed. Barley (2000) stated that inventories are integrated with sales which are entered on the computer so that inventory levels are kept current. While inventories are being updated, the computer prints an invoice and enters information about the sales on the daily reports so the manager can see which products are selling well. Telecommunication companies need an effective and accurate billing system to be able to assure their revenue. Billing systems process the usage of network equipment that is used during the service usage into a single Call Detail Record (CDR). The billing process involves receiving billing records from various networks, determining the billing rates associated with the billing records, calculating the cost for each billing record, aggregating these records periodically to generate invoices, sending invoices to the customer, and collecting payments received from the customer (Mostafa, 2000).

Related Studies
Water Billing Software has evolved significantly. It is now a far more powerful tool, the clerk can use for automating their billing processes. The software helps the clerk to find potential leaks in its system and provide customer with a detailed billing statement. Water conservation is not exactly a benefit that must people associate with automatic billing software. After all, water is a precious resource. Helping to conserve it should be an important goal of every municipality. That’s why the propose system, “Sabtang Automated Water Billing System” considered as a need of a certain municipality (Abanado, 2013). A billing record is a written account in a record book which then transferred to an application software which is MS Excel and is then printed whenever a customer would pay his/her account. This billing account is printed twice; one for the customer’s copy and the other one for the office copy. These copy of billing accounts are kept for whenever a customer lost his/her own copy of the said account, they still have one which they can also used for the verification of the customers billing accounts. These hardcopies are placed in a folder and are stored in a drawer.The major problems that they encounter include: no fix documentation of billing records or billing accounts, erroneous, burdensome and time consuming process of changing data or values (e.g. bill no. and a meter reading) to make a new record bill of a customer.In this system the documenting of billing records will be improved by doing it electronically thus making it easier on their part.

Furthermore, it will make the retrieval of billing records faster and convenient with the used of the customer account no. and for it will now be completely organized (Cristia, 2013). The study of Bulanadi (2013), entitled “Computerized Billing and Inventory system in Roxas, Isabela” with the extension of payroll system, so that the management will have a lesser work in terms of billing, inventory and payroll if they have this system, same as through with the employee their record list are more accurate and reliable.This study was made to make the work easier, faster and more accurate in terms of billing, inventory and payroll system. The proposed system was developed and implemented to lessen the work of management of the organization. It provides more accurate and reliable records of billing, inventory and inventory while using this proposed system, and as researchers they are able to find more ways of improving every one’s work. As stated by Partz(2012), in their study entitled SMS Based Water Metering and Billing System at Barangay ConelWaterDistrict, it is highly valued in institutions like business enterprises, schools,hospital government and non-government services.

However some of them are still using manual system. In this regard, they acknowledge the value of computerized system. As of today’s generation, there are already many establishment existing one of this is Barangay ConelWaterDistrict, they still don’t have a Computerized Water Metering and Billing which is very useful for business purposes. SMS Based Water Metering and Billing System was developed to help the management and have a synchronized flow of their transactions. The study ofVhinle (2011), an Automated System of Pasacao Water District, replacing the traditional method of recording and manipulation of important data’s into a fast and accurate transaction. To adapt a new method that helps lessen the time consumptions of every labor, save a lot of cost and ensures secured transaction. The proposed study was focused only in expanding the company’s methods of transaction starting from the recording of consumers’ consumption until to its computation and security of every record, and reports. Develop into a faster and growing institution using the latest technology of computer gadgets and modern methodology to become more competitive and innovative establishment. Automated System of Pasacao Water District can ensure a good quality of services and provides a great percentage in obtaining accurate results.

The Proposed System was designed in order to provide a much more secured, smooth and accurate manner of processes. At least realize the adaptation of modern methods is an effective way to develop and improve the transactions that happens inside the system itself (Vhinle,2011). Based on the studies of Apellado, et al, (2009) about POS and Inventory, a new billing and inventory system in the main branch in Malinta, Valenzuela was proposed to automate the manual process. To add security in the system, the login feature that is included is the accessible only the administrator or owner of the company, and it features the needs of requirements in the company. However, the system is designed for standalone only and cannot be networked. Therefore, the proponents conclude that Firecon Enterprises Billing and Inventory System has the capability to replace the manual system of the company that is currently using the Billing and Inventory for the company services, The new system will also to minimize the human error. For the enhancement of the system, proponents recommend the user or the administrator to have the system be connected to a network and make it accessible online. The proponents finally concluded that the literature and studies showed information about developing automated system and this chapter is useful to the proponents to get information and other relevant concepts of the study.

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