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Attitude Towards Writing

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Writing is a waist of time, or at least I have always thought it to be. Why write when I can just talk? After my seventeen years of living, I have found out that when I need to express my feelings but have no one there to listen to me, writing is the best way out.

In the years previous to now I have always despised the idea of writing, I never understood what the point of writing was if I could just simply tell the teacher what I thought. So why write? Not too long of a time ago I asked myself this vary question. Then I found topics I have extreme interest in such as poetry and music and now I enjoy writing. Writing e-mails to friends is another form of writing that many people such as myself take part in.

As far as wasting time goes when writing; if one simply took the time to think about this they would realize that if one was to simply shut there mouth and write instead of speaking then one would realize how much more they can express. A famous quote is said by E.M. Foster that states “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” Writers perform a valuable talent for people of all different kinds. There are writers that specialize in all different topics to please everyone’s interest.

Writing is a tool for discovery. People stimulate their thought process by the act of writing and tap into information and images people have in their unconscious minds. Writing helps people to harvest what they know. Many times people are not sure of what they think until they discover it when they write it down. For many people, issues, ideas, controversies are fuzzy until they write down their thoughts, feelings and opinions on the subject. Often in this discovery process which people know as writing, they can generate new ideas because they are able to make connections and see relationships.

Writing is a God given gift that everyone possesses, it is just a matter of how much they care to let other people know what is on there mind. Writing is not a waste of time; there are so many things that one can write about to express themselves. The majority of the people who despise the thought of writing are those who are not good at it so then one just talks instead of putting what they feel down on paper.

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