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Architecture Essay

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Standing in the middle of huge buildings in a highly urbanized area is certainly one of the most awesome experiences that one could ever have. Being in the midst of the towering heights of the business buildings situated in Wall Street gives that alluring feeling to visitors of actually being able to visit the economic capital of New York City and mostly, the whole world as well.

The environment of busy streets and well dressed individuals passing by the street gives passers by a feeling of being an elite society of businessmen who hold their financial fate right within their hands.  Certainly, this particular picture gives an idea of knowing Wall Street the way that it personifies financial wealth and social advancement through the world of commerce.

     Meanwhile, the Empire State Building gives a breathtaking display of the early human architectural magnificence. Since it was known as the very first building structured by man that reached the title of the tallest building in the world since 1931 until the structuring of the twin towers. This particular building gives a clear depiction of how man likes to reach the peak of his capability through the display of the works that he knows he could accomplish.

Certainly from whatever angle the empire state building would be viewed, it is undeniable that the building professes a bright explanation as to how architectural advancement has actually began during the 1930’s. Being the first in he list of the tallest buildings during the time that it was established, the empire state building continues to become a huge inspiration for many architects today. Likely, the practical design that has been based upon could actually be noted to be one of the main feature of the building that makes it an interesting find for many contemporary architects today.

   Why the tall building? Harry B. Helmsley, a director of the company that manages the Empire State Building, undoubtedly identified the reason when he said: “The image of having the tallest building is important.” In October 1970 the Trade Center’s north tower eclipsed the Empire State to become the tallest building in the world. But that distinction was short-lived. For just last spring the Sears, Roebuck & Co. building in Chicago topped out at 1,450 feet, a hundred feet higher than the twin towers.

On the other hand, the Times Square, a former headquarters of a publication in New York stands as the landmark of modern living and advertising within NYC. Undeniably, its digital advertising aesthetics that brings lively light at night to motorists passing by the said building gives a much practical use of the building more than simply for what it has actually been built for. Yes, the Time Square remains to be one of the most visited sites within New York City. This architectural piece of art has naturally captured the attention of many tourists as they try to tread along the different venues in New York that gives a clear view of the culture that the city is living with.

Through the observation that has been featured herein, it could be noted that the three major buildings within the territories of New York bring more than just functionality but also aesthetic value for the appearance of the city in the field of world tourism. Yes, in this case, architecture is then viewed as a major source of artistic presentation of a city’s rich culture and norms, more than just giving the city some fine buildings to operate with.


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