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Apple Inc: Should All CEO’s Be A Transformational Leader

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Who should or should not serve on a corporation’s board of directors? What about  Environmentalists or union leaders?

Anyone can serve on a board of directors as long as they are deemed suitable. There are no hard and fast rules outlining who should and should not serve on a board. If the company or corporation is one of a public nature nature then the shareholders are made to vote for the members of the board. A board of directors is usually made up of a mixture of both insiders (management directors) and outsiders (non management directors). Since it is the board of directors’ responsibility to protect the interest of the shareholder, then a mixed board proves to be the wisest decision. The insiders according to the stewardship theory are able to provide priceless first hand knowledge of the corporation and its runnings. They are aware of the internal operations needed for the corporation to not only operate but operate successfully. They usually have been with the corporation for many years and as such possess an unrivalled sense of loyalty towards the organization and its shareholders. However, the outsiders are there to present a balance in the board. They represent the views of those who are neither shareholders nor managers. They are representatives of the general public and their interest. They contribute a level of objectivity needed to make wise strategic decisions.

B. Having an environmentalist and or a union leader on a board of directors would be vital depending on the nature of the corporation. Let’s take for instance a construction and a hotel board. They will not only need directors who are knowledgeable in the construction and hotel business. Having environmentalists and union leaders on such a board would prove to be extremely beneficial. The environmentalist would be able to offer expertise on the effects of a construction site on the environment and animal species. The union leader would have knowledge of labour codes and be the voice of the working class. They would also be able to offer second and third option for doing a project. For example, a construction company is intending to build a new hotel in a secluded area. The location is not pristine but has a pond wish is the only home to hundreds of egrets. The hotel has contemplated backfilling the pond to plant a garden. The environmentalist can argue that the pond can be left as is and a garden planted around it. The hotel, after completion can boast of its lovely garden and pond with the egrets.

Should all CEOs be transformational leaders? Would you like to work for a transformational leader?

A transformational leader is defined as a leader who provides change and movement in an organization by creating a vision for that change. I believe that all CEOs ought to strive to become a transformational leader. They strive to encourage their employees to share the corporation’s values and beliefs through their dedication and commitment. Transformational leaders tend to command respect from their staff and are extremely influential in formulating and implementing new strategies. This type of leadership is essential in a competitive world where only the most innovative businesses will survive. CEOs must not only lead their staff to be short-sighted and narrow-minded, but to instead be proactive and observant. They must be aware of changing market trends and listen to their surroundings. To know what the market is saying the CEO and his staff should be able to answer the following questions. Are people still interested in our product or service? Is there any change or improvement they wish to see? Is the product or service available in highly demanded areas? Usually, transformational leaders have three main characteristics in common:

i. They articulate a strategic vision for the corporation – The CEO does not view the corporation in its current state but instead sees in futuristically. The CEO’s perception to both activities and conflicts revitalises their subordinates’ outlook on their job and allows them to not only see the significance of their job to a division within the corporation, but to the entire corporation on a whole.

ii. The CEO a role for others to identify and to follow – They do not rule with the phase “do as I say and not as I do”. They set an example for their staff in their manner of dress, behaviour and action. They adopt a hands on approach to identifying and solving problems within the corporation.

iii. The CEO communicates high performance standards and also show confidence in their staff’s abilities to meet these standards – The CEO does not believe in micromanaging their staff. They believe in their capabilities and that they are able to perform their tasks effectively. They set goals which are realistic yet challenging for their staff as a way of proving to them (the staff) that they possess the necessary capabilities to perform the task. As such, the employee is given a boost of confidence.

B. I would take it as an honour to work for a transformational leader. I am employed with the Ministry of Finance and attached to the Treasury Department. I view my boss, the Accountant General as a very transformational leader. She has in no way proven to be short-sighted where the development of the department was concerned. No past Accountant General has done what she has done to the department. She saw the need for the department to operate during the lunch hour since that was the time many government employees made their errands and came to conduct personal business at the treasury. She also took us into a practically paperless era where the majority of the work was computerized and stored in a central database. She also introduced the Freebalance system which is an accounting and check generating program used in only three other Caribbean territories and nineteen other countries worldwide. With her at the helm of the organization the entire staff is continuously anticipating the next great venture. We have confidence in her ability to lead and know that the betterment and advancement of the organization is her number one priority.

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