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AP Government

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1. What democratic principle is Madison touting in Federalist Paper No. 10? Federalism
2. Explain Madison’s definition of faction in Federalist Paper No. 10? A number of citizens who are united by some common interest ADVERSE to the rights or interests of the community.
3. Give two methods Madison provided for removing factions.

– destroy liberty (freedom): factions can’t exist w/o liberty, Remedy is worse than the disease. – give all citizens the same passions and interests: impossible to do, it’s the governments job to ensure that people CAN exercise different interests
4. According to Madison, how do you control the effects of minority factions? They will easily be defeated by majority faction

5. Why is a large representative republic the cure for majority factions? – if a direct democracy, people would govern by their own personal interests – representatives must acknowledge and take into account many interests of their constituents

– too big an area, lose touch with interests of constituents
– too small an area, focus on local interests – faction more dangerous on smaller area He would be stunned at the factions today! Ironic,he helped it with Fed v. Ant 6. According to Madison in Federalist Paper No. 10, why is the Federal Government a solution to the problem in curbing factions? National governments deals w/ interests of the nation as a whole, state legislatures deal with local interests

7. In Federalist Paper No. 51, why does Madison think judges should NOT be elected? average person is not aware of the qualifications judges should possess, should not be beholden to those who nominated them (logical to say beholden to voters but he did not say that)

8. The great problem in framing a government is that a government must be able to control the people, but equally important, must be forced to ___________________. Control itself

9. What branch of government does Madison believe is the most powerful? Legislature

10. Describe the main point of Federalist Paper No. 51.
Separation of Powers

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