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Antichrist Image

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* 666: Satan’s number, associated with the fact Satan had 3 faces and 3 sets of wings, the number of the beast * 70 Weeks: Seventy sevens decreed for Jerusalem to finish their transgression and stop sin, From the time the world goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, until the Anointed one comes, there will be seven sevens and sixty two sevens. The anointed one will be put to death and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary, the end will come like a flood: war will continue until the end and desolations have been decreed. Will make a covenant with many in one seven, will put an end to sacrifice and suffering in the middle of the seven * Abomination of Desolation: Desolation of Jerusalem would last 70 years, the anointed one will set up abomination that causes desolation in the temple

* Anti-Christ: Often seen in pop-culture as the son of Satan e.g. Rosemary’s baby and the devils advocate, portrayal of the antichrist more in the New testament than the old testament due to Christ being involved. Paul’s second letter (although its possible Paul did not write this) makes a reference to a “lawless one” or a son of destruction who will declare himself god. There are multiple references to a false-Christ, or false prophets but only one reference to a singular antichrist. Revelations dragon and beast, antichrist image bound to the serpent. The antichrist is a composite figure put together from all the images to form a single idea. Connected with the serpent and leviathan in the Hebrew bible * Apocalypse: Literary genre, some apocalypses are older than Daniel but never made it into the Bible, Daniel and Revelation * Babylon: Judean elites were exiled to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, Gold of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream refers to Babylon, Monk named adsol states the Anti-Christ will be born in Babylon. In biblical terms it is a symbol of evil, the destruction of evil is foretold in the new testament. Babylonian empire oppressed the Jewish people * Behemoth & Leviathan: Anti Christ in the old testament, God created these beings, monsters of chaos * Bryd’s Turn Turn Turn: From the book Ecclesiastics

* Cassie Bernall: Student killed in Columbine, seen as a martyr by some Christians, asked if she believed in God before she was killed * Classical Sources of Western Culture: Greece, Rome, Israel * Conversion: To change from one religion to another, Paul converts from Judaism to follow Jesus, his conversion dates to 36 CE * Cumaean Sybil: Prophetess of classic antiquity, prophesised redemption, prophetess of birth of Christ * Daniel 9:24-27: 70 weeks are decreed, refers the restored king of Judah, After 62 weeks another prophet will come, Second anointed one will be cut off, People relate the story to Jesus * Dispensationalism: Belief in a system of historical progression of Biblical events as laid out by God, a series of stages of God’s revelation and plan of salvation * Eden/Gethsemene: Both Garden’s created by God, Eden is discussed in Genesis 1 for Adam & Eve, Gethsemene is in Jerusalem where Jesus and his disciples prayed before his crucifixion * Eve/Mary: Eve was the woman belonging to Adam and was created from his rib, Mary was the mother of Jesus who immaculately conceived him through God’s grace

* Exile/Restoration: Garden Wilderness, Promised land Egypt/Babylon, Dominant themes in the fall from Eden, * Ezekiel 1-4: Ezekiels first vision, he sees the wheel immortalized * Ezekiel 11: God’s judgment on Jerusalem, those in exile to be restored, conclusion of the vision * Ezekiel 37:1-14: Israel’s dry bones restored to life, valley of the bones is new life, “We are cut off” * Ezekiel 47:1-12: The river of life from the temple, story of the life in the river that leads away from the temple, it’s power comes from God * Faust: Protagonist of a classic German legend, exchanging his soul for knowledge and worldly pleasures * Fra Angelico, Ezekiel’s Vision of the Wheel: Inscribed opening words of Genesis in Latin, on the inside are the opening words of the Gospel of John * Galatians: Two depicted in the icon of the church, shown embracing, 2 pillars of the universal mission of the church, * Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of St Teresa: Referring to with the song of songs, more than just sex, ecstasy felt when meeting God * Gianlorenzo Bernini, David: David slinging a rock, killing Goliath, portrayed as a hero * Great Red Dragon: Revelation 12, Woman in the sky gives birth to a child, dragon pursues the woman * Hades: From the Hebrew word “Sheol” in the NT and OT, this means Hell although it is not entirely accurate, it is a shadowy place where souls reside * Hieronymous Bosch:

* Hell: Milton’s paradise lost, demons and the fallen angels, Virgil leads Dante and Aenid through hell, Dante’s inferno gives a geography of hell, Sins get worse as you go deeper, Satan is frozen at the bottom * Immanuel: Isaiah has an encounter with King Ahaz during the war, Isaiah has his first prophecy which is that a young woman will give birth to a son, his name is Immanuel, it is believed this foreshadows the birth of Jesus * Isaiah 7: Isaiah encounters King Ahaz and tells him not to do anything and the Lord will protect him, the king ignores him and says he needs a sign, this is when Isaiah has his first prophecy * Jezebel: Wife to king Ahab, brought in foreign Gods, killed all the prophets of Yahweh, pushed out of a window and eaten by dogs, portrayed as a slut * Job: Book of the Hebrew bible, Job went through many trials at the hands of Satan, righteous and wealthy man, Bad things happen to good people, Job revives everything in the end * John 1:1: In the beginning was the word The world became flesh * Joseph: Suffering at the hands of his brothers, sold to the Egyptians, Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, Christ figure in the bible

* Josh Ritter, Girl in War: Reference from Paul to the Galatians * Leonardo Davinci, Last Super: Most iconic and well known image in Western culture, Copied and reproduced many times, source of myth/mystery, attempting to portray a sequence of events, * Martyr Consciousness: Martyrdom is rhetorically constituted and discursively sustained * Mary Magdalene: female character at the last supper, two Mary’s in the gospel and one is an unknown woman, unnamed sinner, tells his disciples that his body is gone from the tomb, Bethlehem Mary and sinner * Mary of Bethany: takes oil and cleans the feet of Jesus, Judas criticizes her and Jesus defends her * Michelangelo, David: Statue of David, masculinity, nudity & physical form * Millenial Kingdom: Thousand year reign of Christ, anticipated by the Testament prophets * Myth: Traditional story involving supernatural forces which provides an explanation, a widespread but untrue story or belief, intertwining of good and evil, * Perpetua: Christian martyr of 3rd century, suffered in Carthage in the Roman Province of Africa * Pieta: gendre of art, Takes a millennia of Jesus to show him bloody in art, Mary is depicted, appreciation of mother * Prophecy: About foreseeing the future

* Rapture: Final week of exile is a 7-year period involving trials, tribulations, and rapture. Everyone who believes in Jesus is taken to heaven
* Revelation 12: Conflict in Eden and heaven, woman in heaven being pursued by a dragon, stands on the moon and has 12 surrounding stars which represent the tribes, * Revelation 22:1-2: Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. * River of Life: Bamberg Apocalypse, No temple present in the image, both the image and the glory of God. When Christians came to these texts they saw them not as restorations of the temple but as foreshadowing’s of the returning of Jesus who would stand in the place of the temple

* Satan(s): Judas, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Dante’s Inferno, Satan is not a character in the OT * Serpent: Snake from garden, symbol of Eden,  * Sinful Woman: the sinful woman in Luke often gets mashed up with Mary Magdeline beucase the Gospel of Luke does not have a story where Mary Mag anoints jesus, instead there is a story of a sinful woman who anoints the feat of Jesus with her tears and wipes his feet with her hair · gets understood that this sinful woman is mary magdeline and therefore she in Western tradition she gets the rep of being sinful, while in Eastern traditions the figure of the sinful woman and Mary M are separate * Solomon: Son of David and Bathsheba, last king of United Israel, the beginning of his reign marked bloodshed, was seen as a wise king, legendary, wise, just, (story of prostitute and woman splitting a baby in two), NEGATIVES (had 700 wives, mixed gods, broke all the rules in Deuteronomy)

* Solomon’s Trilogy: Three books (proverbs, Ecclesiastes, song of songs), Proverbs is about ethics and fear of the lord, Ecclesiastes talks about seasons and nature, Song of Songs talks about marital fidelity and love. (Love between loves, Between Christ and the Church, Between Christ and the Individual Soul) * Son of Perdition: Before Jesus comes the man of sin or son of perdition will come, lawless one according to the work of Satan, will be destroyed by the Lord * Stephen Acts 6-7: A man of faith chosen to be the apostle of Christ, did great wonders and signs, first Christian martyr, stoned to death and asks God to forgive his sins * Fashion Last Supper: Turning DaVinci’s last supper into one of blasphemy woman as Jesus * Synoptic Apocalypse: False Christ as well as Anti-Christ, Jesus predicts what is going to happen in the end, War and rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, desolating sacrilege which refers to Daniel * The Three T’s: Torah (given to Moses from God), Temple (where the Tabernacle is kept), Territory (the holy land itself)

* Tribulation: will happen before literal 1000 years of Christ’s reigning, cutting off the Messiah, refers to the Anti-Christ who will appear and show his power * 12 Apostles: Original 12 and refers to the 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus main followers, includes Judas who betrayed Jesus * 2 Beasts of Revelation: Image of dragon & beast, composite figure of the four dragons mentioned in Daniel * 2 Witnesses: Witnesses to wrath of God in revelation, God sends down angels to destroy earth as it is time for the apocalypse, Enoch & Elijah are deemed as the two viewers because they never truly die in the bible * Virgil: Latin epic poem, present Iron age will end, prophecy about the birth of Jesus, * Wilderness/Promised Land: Adam and Eve descend from Eden to the wilderness, Promised Land being taken over by wilderness (Egypt/Babylon), tabernacle was symbolic of Jesus. * William H. Johnson: Relates to “Negro Songs”, depict times of slavery, ties in with the story of Ezekiel who provided hope for those who had so little

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