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Analytics Companies in India Top Analytics Companies in India

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Top Analytics Companies in India (Using SAS/SPSS):In Analytics what we try is make clusters for the people to deccide on their own, These clusters ,on analytic companies will help you a lot Branded Analytics Cluster 1( These companies are struggling hard to mark their name in the market place,not a easy task to get the advanced analytic work outsourced to india, but still their confidence and faith in indian next gen resources, who can think and innovate, make them to try hard to make their brand powerful.It will take time, with Vision,Mission and team Synergy and focus, iam sure they will mark their name in the next decade, decade of knowledge decade of indians) 1. Musigma,Bangalore 2. Inductis, Gurgaon 3. Fractal Analytics 4. Marketics or WPP, Bangalore 5. Manthan Systems,Bangalore 6. Absolutdata, Newdelhi 7. Denuosource, Hyderabad 8. CrossTab, Mumbai, Bangalore 9. Decision Craft, Ahmadabad 10. Modelytics, Bangalore 11. Latent view analytics, Chennai 12. Dexterity, Chennai 13. Pharmarc, Bangalore Firms involved with Quantitative research Techniques Irevena, Chennai Amba Research, Bangalore

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Cluster 2 -Large analytics providers(Pioneers in india for Banking and retail,CPG):With out these companies much of analytic process and good trained resources, wont have spread across india.Thanks to these companies, which started as captive of GE and IRI, especially in Financial services Models and CPG/Retail models,Made people to visualize, how much westerners, especially american give importance to numbers and facts for their decision making and helped the new gen to grow thier analytical blend 1. Genpact and Symphony Marketing solutions Bangalore

Cluster 3 -IT companies with a strong analytics practice:(For all these companies, analytics started as extension of data ware housing or BI, still most companies in IT field think analytics to be Data mining, and for them Aanlytics pie is a smaller piece in their portfolio and its a long way to go for them to think what analytics is all about and finding right resources and also getting analytic leadership right will be a much challenge,as these comapnies always think to grow their internal leadership team into analytics with limited knowledge, need to wait and watch, for them its all money is honey not more than that, except 1 or 2 in the list below)

1. Infosys, Bangalore 3. Cognizant (Market Rx)- Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon 3. TCS, Chennai and Mumbai 4. HCL,Gurgaon, Chennai 5. Wipro, Kolkatta, Bangalore 6. Capgemini,Bangalore 7. Mahindra satyam Cluster 4 – Mega TOP League MNC’s Units (These are the companies especially IBM, which had invested 5 Billion dollars, size of infosys into Analytics, demand creators for atleast 2 to 3 decades to come.Thinking Analytics and merging with engineering applications like Sensors,Actuators and Robots, and will take time for the people, where they are going about. One thing i can say at this point to budding victorious indian generation is, the coming decade will be ours -If we can appreciate the concept of convergence from Analytics to Engg from Business problems to real life problems like water, energy,transport, agriculture,air,climate- which will be the business of next decade) 1.IBM,BAO,Bangalore 2. Accenture,Bangalore,Gurgaon 3.HP DSAS,Bangalore,Chennai

Cluster 5 MNC’s Captive Units: (These are captive units looking for talent outside their home ground, and each are unique in thier process and leaders in their space. For youngsters joining their understand their process, replicate it to your future companies or new indian emerging companies will make you to stand out from the race of millions.) ZS Associates, Pune Netapps, Bangalore Cisco, Bangalore Google, Hyderabad Chainalytics, Bangalore(Operation research) Amazon, Bangalore eBay -Chennai Citibank, Chennai(Card Analytics) Dell Analytics, Bangalore Fidelity, Bangalore HSBC Analytics, Bangalore JP MORGAN, Mumbai Amex, Gurgaon

Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai UBS, Hyderabad (Acquired by Cognizant) Microsoft, Hyderabad Fair Isaac Bangalore Dun &Bradstreet, Chennai Global Analytics Inc., Chennai Dunhummby, Gurgaon General mills, Mumbai Acnielsen, Mumbai Milwardbrown, Chennai (Maps) Novartis, Hyderabad Deloitee, Hyderabad HLL, Bangalore Mckinsey, Gurgaon Boston consulting, Mumbai Redpill solutions, Chennai (Acquired by IBM) Target, Bangalore Supervalu, Bangalore Tesco, Bangalore UST Global, Chennai Citianalytics, Bangalore, Mumbai (Acquired by TCS) Wattsonwyat,Bangalore,Mumbai,Gurgaon(Actuaries and HR) Hewitt Associates,Gurgaon KPMG,Gurgaon Cluster 6 -Indian Banks/Insurance with Analytics operations (This places are learning ground for the new gen, because all the players will be from old school of thought except few,and thinks will change once they invest in good technology,good data, good resources and complex markets to emerge.

One thing sure – if you can think outside of analytics to direct business and growth in these companies, you are set to grow) ICICI Bank/Insurane, Mumbai HDFC Bank/Insurance, Mumbai Standard Chartered Bank,Chennai Bazaj allianz Insurance,Chennai Bharti Axa insurance,Bangalore Reseve Bank of india,Mumbai Cluster 7 -Mobile Service provider with Analytics Operations (interesting area to watch for – this is the market where already market has become complex. Innovators and Challengers – this space will be your cup of tea) Vodafone Telecommunications, Chennai, Mumbai Nokia Networks, Gurgaon Airtel, Gurgaon MTN Mobile,Gurgaon Cluster 8 – Indian companies with Advanced web analytics (Behavioural Targeting using SPSS/Unica Affinium/R)(Future belongs to these comapnies for next gen analytics, but not matured enough for a strong analytics career in these companies, multi domain knowledge on technologies with analytics can make you an outstanding player and valuable resource in the market for the years

to come) Rediff.com Bharatmatrimony.com (Consim info pvt ltd.), Chennai Naukri.com (Info edge group), Chennai,Delhi Timesofindia (Online Newspaper), Mumbai Make my trip, Gurgaon

Cluster 9 -Indian Retail stores within house Analytics operations(Still not matured for analytic’s career like US market, foreign retail coming into india, will make this area to move to top slot in term of analytic career) Shopperstop Reliance retail Cluster 10 -Indain Manufactures withinhouse Analytics Operations( Need more time for this market to grow interms of analytic career) Caterpillar,Chennai Johndeere,Pune Cluster 11 -Clinical Research (Bio -Statistics)(Already established field, but still a niche field since dealing with clinical data .Passion and patience in this domain is necessary for youngsters) 1 Novartis,Hyderabad 2. Quintile,Bangalore 3. Reddylabs,Hyderabad 4 Accenture,Chennai 5 Cognizant,Chennai,Pune 6 genome Cheers, Ravi Ravikumar Krishnan – LinkedIn – The whole idea of updating the list is dedicated to the budding and growing analytics professionals. Posted by ravikumar at 9:37 PM

15 COMMENT S : IndiaAnalytics January 14, 2010 4:40 AM Hey its an appreciabale effort..Keep updating it. Reply

Karthik June 23, 2010 9:35 PM Amazing list Ravi! Thanks a lot! made my life easier to search for existing analytics companies in India. Reply

abhay July 3, 2010 12:08 AM Great compilation Ravi !! Gives a one stop resource of comparing all the services that the analytics industry is covering for now in India. Abhay Tiku DenuoSource Reply

Priyanka Bhatia July 22, 2010 9:41 AM thanks ravi i know it is too late to comment but this piece of info will really help out!! Regards Priyank Reply

Sakshi August 2, 2010 5:29 AM Hi Ravi, Thanks for posting this very informative post. As an analytics professinal this was an interesting read! Reply

samvedna August 2, 2010 11:36 AM Hi, Can you kindly tell me the “Market Research companies” in India implementing SAS and the opportunities for the MBA(Mkt) freshers in SAS? I shall be highly obliged to you Reply

Keatsly November 14, 2010 11:44 PM Hi, This is great information. If I may ask you, How do you get to update this list ?? I am looking to maintain a similar list for training skills companies. Will be a great help if you could throw osme light on ! Rgds LN


Samrat Nath November 18, 2010 4:59 AM Thanks Ravi.. all these informations are really helpfull. Thanks Samrat Reply

jagat January 4, 2011 9:30 PM Hi Ravikumar, The information you provided is very useful. Please update the follwoing companies also in the list Global Analytics – Chennai Marketelligent – Bangalore/Mumbai Reply

Tushar Pagar January 20, 2011 1:26 AM thanks Ravi.. Reply

Atit January 30, 2011 10:23 PM Thank you very much…I appreciate your work… please keep it up. Reply

Shvm February 4, 2011 12:11 PM Hi, The list is very useful. Thanks for sharing. Is this compiled by you? How did you authenticate your findings? Reply

Radhika March 10, 2011 2:15 AM You can add Time Analytics Services, Bangalore to this list(MNC Units). We are a KPO for Time Inc., the US publishers. Reply

Eswar Mallik April 20, 2011 1:43 AM

Dear Sir Your effort is highly commendable. You have spend enough time and effort to explain the complexity of analytics to freshers Thankyou Reply

Sangeetha April 21, 2011 10:56 PM Fractal analytics company should be removed in this top list. There are lots of politics happening with in fractal. It is insecure for employees as employers getting splitted. I think it is a bad work place too. Reply Etryu cmet. ne or omn..

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