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Aims and Objectives

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A baker is one who specializes in the manufacturing of baked goods. Baked goods include breads as well as desserts such as cakes, pies and all other kinds of food. The reason I have chosen this is because I like cooking every much. Some point I want to be baker and after having some good experience in it. I want to open my own restaurant in Goa.

Bakers can earn between £13,000 and £19,000 a year. With experience, specialist skills or supervisory responsibilities; this could rise to between £20,000 and £25,000 a year.

Promotion Prospect:-
Prospects for promotion in baking are good. Most bakers in the UK are employed in plant bakeries and in-store bakeries, which tend to be large companies with good opportunities for career progression and a training and promotion structure. Baker would move into bakery supervision or departmental management.

Availability of jobs in the industry:-
The availability of a job as a professional baker in an industry is easy to find because there many new bakeries and restaurants that have opened and they need recruits for their jobs. There are 1471 jobs are available in this industry.

Training and Development:-
Employer may also encourage you to work towards qualifications, such as:
•Level 3 Certificate/Diploma for Proficiency in Baking Industry Skills.
•Level 3 Diplomas in Professional Bakery.
•Level 3 Diplomas in Professional Bakery, Science and Technology. I could specialise in becoming a craft baker or pastry chef by taking the Level 3 Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery. I think it is good opportunity to have this training to gain more qualification and knowledge about food industry. This will help me when I will open my own restaurant in the future.

Terms and Conditions:-
Bakers often work unsociable hours and shift work is common, with many plant bakeries operating around the clock. Baking involves some physical work, such as carrying flour sacks, dough, and trays of baked produce. Bakeries can be hot and noisy places to work and employee will be on their feet most of the time. Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requires employers to take precautions in order to reduce the risk of asthma in the workplace. Personal protective equipment is worn by bakers, especially in large plant bakeries, in order to reduce the risk of dust.

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