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Academic Dishonesty: Never Ending Dilemma in All Institution

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Academic dishonesty is a serious problem in higher education, most of their employees viewed academic dishonesty as a never ending dilemma, this is the most serious problem in all institution. Many students tend to cheat in the examination to get a higher grade and forget the rules they learned in values education, although they know that there are penalties waiting if they caught, still they cannot stop doing it. Cheating just like stealing, is a product of poor management. It indicates enforceable controls and management’s failure to procedures or neglect.

This problem is mentioned rules and policies of the academic institutions. Not to mention harsh penalties imposed to those who are caught in the act plus being teased by their peers and parents. Students who cheat are become discourage about behaving more constructive and acceptable ways and perhaps they have become more concern about failure. The academic cheating is no longer a stranger in students and it seems like a disease that suddenly kills the moral development of a student.

Many students are not aware of academic dishonesty. Firstly, academic dishonesty refers to forms of cheating and plagiarism. In this research paper I am going to describe why students cheat? describe how extensive the problem is, how it can be prevented, and legal issues concerning Academic dishonesty. To begin with, academic dishonesty refers to forms of cheating and plagiarism which results in students giving or receiving unauthorized assistance in an academic exercise or receiving credit for work which is not their own. Also, it is a very prevalent question about the reasons students decide to cheat. Although it is impossible to precisely decide what causes students to cheat there are some factors that can be examined. (Cruz:social.dev 2004)

In the studies made by Crissey and Silva (1997), some faculty members hard to handle the situation themselves, while some students find their faculty as not doing enough to punish cheating. In the study done by Stricherz (2001), 47% of the 4,500 students surveyed believed that the teacher’s decide to ignore cheating in class. Of these students are 26% maintained that they believed that teacher’s do not wish to trouble of reporting suspected cheating.

Academic Dishonesty, is a problem that affects every academic institutions, with the majority of students admitting to the commitment of deviance, a number of researches have geared on perceptions of academic dishonesty , reasons why students cheat, the variables associated with academic dishonesty and possible steps to wave such act. Most studies, have dealt with anonymous self- reports. The confidentiality of this type of surveyed has ethical and moral advantages. Studies between the relation of cheating and moral behavior however, showed mixed results. For most part, less cheating was related to children and adults who displayed high moral development, yet other studies revealed no such relation between moral reasoning and behavior. ( Meece, 1997.)

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