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Abstract About Automated Election

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Nowadays, transactions involving large number of clients are experiencing several lapses when it comes to storing files and calculating numerous digits done in an election or poll. In our institution, the CBSUA- SIPOCOT, several systems have been a solution to these problems, were obviously been made and used. But not all were discovered some systems are not yet developed. With this, we come up to the idea of opening our eyes to the problems of the campus which doesn’t have solution yet. One thing that caught our attention most were the University Supreme Student Council (USSC). How did they manage the election of officers every year? How do they facilitate manual voting to the thousands of students enrolled in our University? By those questions, we arrived to focus on their voting system. The USSC AUTOMATED VOTING SYSTEM, which will genuinely solve the problem of the USSC when it comes to of casting of votes and declaration of winners. “To some people, the use of technology will solve all the problems, while others realized that elections could only be improved with technology.”(Jamie Brown, et.al 2003).

Many people patronize the products of technology because they know it can make their daily tasks much easier. There are so many reasons that had rises nowadays regarding the usage of technology. It can be for easier transaction, transportation, recording datum, and many other more. But among those reason, the best one is for the election improvement. Technology would be a great help in order for us to improve the process of election. By means of this, we can be able to come up to a new and much accurate voting system. The main objective of the system is to create an easy and accurate voting process for the registered enrollees of the University, wherein every student enrolled in the campus will automatically be registered. Phases involving the names of the registered students, manuals or directions to use the system, previous election results (for the past years), lists of students who doesn’t vote, lists of candidates, and the lists of the current results will be shown. This voting process will be by each college. This process will go hand in hand by opening the environment reserved or assigned to the certain College, a particular student is enrolled. This system will be environment friendly because we are going to provide instructions for each student. By means of this, storing the voting results every year will become possible. It would be a great help to the COMSELEC and as well as the USSC officers because the voting process will be easy: no more manual counting of votes and less paper works.

This system will be a desktop application only. No one can edit any single information recorded here after it was printed and counted. It will only print a limited copy of each result for the different offices or Colleges concerned. The final list of the official enrollees from the registrar of the University will only be the one allowed to vote.

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