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Absolutism vs. Democracy Argumentative

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If a country were choosing it’s government, and I was the one who was to decide if we were to follow a democracy or an absolute ruler, I would select a democracy. Democracy is the only government where the people wont have their freedoms taken by one person and no one can abuse their power. Democracy is more effective then absolutism in that power is separated in 3 branches, this way of government is firmly believed in by Montesquieu. Another positive from democracy is that people are given the right to free speech, which was written about in many of Voltaires’ books. Democracy and freedom are also taught in John Lockes’ book, he believed in the nature of being free, equal and independent. Democracy is the way!

A French speaker named Montesquieu wrote a book called “The Spirit of the Laws”. And in this book (as seen in document 6) Montesquieu tells us that there can be no liberty in which the executive, judicial and legislature branches are all controlled by one man. The only way to have a well run civilization is one in which power is separated. If you were to split power into 3 branches of equal power and importance, then they may act as a check on each other. This is also called checks and balances. With this system of checks and balances, it keeps one person or small group of persons from gaining power and driving a well-organized union into fragments.

Another French philosopher names Voltaire was a strong believer in free speech. He said in one of his books (as seen in document 5) that the best government is in which the laws equally protect all men. He believed that no matter if you were right or wrong, high-class or poor, you should have the right to say anything you want. Even if he disagreed with your opinion, he would defend your right to say it. He was eventually exiled and had all of his books burned. He still did not give up his belief that people should have freedom of speech. He was also against divine right and that does not exist within a democracy. In a democracy, people have freedoms, such as freedom of speech, which cannot be taken from them by one person.

John Locke states (as seen in document 4) that men, by nature are free, equal and independent, no one should be subjected to a political power of another without his own consent. A democracy is established to protect these natural rights of the people. Only in a democracy with separated power can people avoid one supreme monarch from taking what is theirs. If this democracy failed to protect the people’s rights, they would rebel until they received their rights back. Without all decisions in one mans’ hands, and the people having their own power, it creates more efficient government.

After reading the point of view of each philosopher, democracy seems to be the type of government that will create a higher and more well organized society. Peoples’ rights cannot be taken from them at the slightest whim of one madman within a democracy. With an order of checks and balances in place, no one can obtain all power. Democracy is a people’s government and when the people have their freedoms protected within the system of checks and balances, they retain more ownership of the government and gain a responsibility toward contributing to a more efficient society. Democracy is the way.

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