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About How Requirements to Food Labeling Helping Pick Healthier Product

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According to the article, “Food labeling and Consumer Association with Health Safety and Environment”, the public became worried about genetically modified foods and genetic engineered organisms (GMO/GE). They were worried about eating GMO contained foods and how they will be affected. There was a demand for food labeling laws. In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report that showed the consequences of using technology to change the food supply, GMO or GE. The FDA became worried about the escalation of toxins from GMOs. The scientists had learned about the high risk of toxins from the changes to the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Consumers felt uneasy about how it will affect them at a toxicity level.

It was found that they should not be concerned about consuming the toxin from some products. A report had found the organic farmers had a higher level of Escherichia coli (E. Coli) than conventional farmers. Consumers would be pleased if their products had required food labeling. So, they conducted a survey containing questions about how they pick their products between organic and GMO. In addition to their thoughts about GMO and organic food products. The survey was sent to a community college at California Western School of Law. Those who responded to the emails of the survey were students, faculty, and staff.

They asked them questions about if they had any kids and how they would rank forty-five products from 1 to 5, with 5 being the healthiest. The items were labeled organic, natural, fat-free, low-fat, GMO, and non-GMO. They had further their testing with a 15 rating of labeled products. Much food manufacture companies label their product as “natural”, even though it does not have a clear definition. Based on the results of the survey, it was found that the rate of healthiness, safety, and environment did not make a difference between all the food labels. GMO products was the lowest rating and non or low-fat products was ranked a little higher than GMO. Organic, natural, or non-GMO products were ranked the highest between the other labels.

Organic farmers were ranked higher than GMO farmers. The consumer’s perception showed that they believed that organic foods are healthier and safer than GMOs. Consumers with small children was irrelevant to the ratings of health, safety, and environment groups. Some participants believed that “natural” is better than other food products. Participants think “natural” and organic are similar to each other. The responses from the survey about GMO foods suggest that people have different attitudes towards GMO foods. The unenforceable food labels will deceive many consumers. The survey’s hypothesis confirmed that consumers believe that health, safety, and environment connect with “healthier” food labels than GMOs. Consumers believe organic farmers are better than conventional farmers. It tries to help consumers to comprehend regarding their health, safety, and environment from diverse food labels.

I think it is important to biology because it is genetically changing the seed or the organism for a certain product. Genetically modifications and genetically involves biology and science. It uses biotechnology to physically change the DNA of the organism or seed. It changes the biology of the organism. The process of GMO uses scientific technology to change the DNA or create something new. It is human- made by using technology and it is altered. Some of the organisms that has been human made cannot not be found in nature. Genetically modified organisms contain recombinant DNA. Recombinant DNA technology is combining genes from different sources. It is essential for science, medicine, and agriculture. Some examples of GMO or genetically engineered organisms are medicine, agriculture, and consumer goods. In agriculture, it helps with the crops. For plants, it is genetically changing the seeds. The genetic engineering technology extracts the genetic material from one organism and putting it into another. The seeds are designed to tolerate the different conditions. Plant breeding has been used by farmers for a long time. Genetically modified technology helps with the production of drugs, like medicine. Scientists also make vaccines using genetic engineering by finding the common disease or illness. Scientists use bacteria to alter it and make medicine, like insulin. The food labeling is important because it helps identify the process the food product might contain, like GMOs. The food labeling helps with people understand or give them an idea of what product is GMO or GMO- free. GMOs are connected with biology and science.

Genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered technology is relevant to my life because majority of the world contains some genetic modifications. It is constantly used throughout the world. Majority of the corn, soybeans, and cotton are genetically engineered. I am surrounded with genetic modification organisms from the medicine I take to the food I eat. In particular, I used to take antibiotics to prevent an infection after I got my wisdom teeth removed.

The medicines, I take when I am sick, are specifically engineered to target the illness or infections and get rid of it. At the store I sometimes get organic food products, but mostly get food products with that has GMOs. There are many products that contains genetic modification organisms or genetic engineering technology in it. It ranges from crops to developing resistance to diseases and pests. In the supermarkets, I look at the back of the packaging and see if it has non- GMO labeling. In the future, I will affect me because will be constantly be exposed to GMO and genetic engineered products throughout my life. I will soon become worried about the effects of it to my health and how damaging it is.

The food labeling will let give me insight of which products do contain some genetic altercations. The possible required food labeling products will help me pick healthier product than the other if I were to think about how the food would affect me health- wise. I will try to get organic produce and non- GMO or organic food products at the store. It will help me to reduce the health issues I might have been exposed to from consuming a lot of GMO products. Every year, I get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine uses genetic modifications of live viruses. The vaccine is genetically engineered. The future prescriptions I would receive from the doctor will still contain some genetic engineering. Overall, genetic modified organisms and genetic engineered is revolved around everyone lives and surrounded by it.

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