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A Nightmare on Elm Street: a Horror Movie

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the better horror movies. There are quite a few Freddy Krueger movies out there, and this movie all started in 1984, with A Nightmare on Elm Street. In 2010, there came a remake of the 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street movie. In these two movies there are comparisons and differences between these two, which include Freddy Krueger himself, music and sound effects, nightmares, and the graphics.

Freddy Krueger is pretty much the same, but there are some differences between these creepy horror flicks. Freddy Krueger is a nightmare waiting to happen, and he kills his victims that start on Elm St. Freddy’s voice has a very deep tone that just wants to bring fear to his victims. Along with Freddy’s voice is Freddy’s viscous face that is just burned to hell. But in the remake, you actually see a lot more of Freddy’s face. In the original, you barely seen Freddy’s face and that gave it that creepy feeling, and made it scarier when they get a shot at his face. Freddy also has this glove with long knives connected to them, and that is how Freddy kills his victims. In the original, whenever Freddy went after people he was creepy and he just taunted them and went after them. In the remake, Freddy laughs at his victims a lot and chases them around more like it’s a game.

Music and sound effects are what make a scary movie scary. It creates that chill up your arm as you hear that slow chanting sounds of the girls singing the Freddy song; 1…2…3, Freddy’s coming for you. It’s what puts the horror in horror movie. There is this melody that places throughout the movie and it is definitely a very creepy tone. In the original, the melody played in a piano and it was perfect for a horror movie. Then in the remake, the same melody plays but, the melody plays as violins. Now sometimes violins may make music with a better sound but when it comes to a horror movie such as this one, the piano tone is much better in the original.

The nightmares Freddy Krueger puts them through are what make this movie. It’s what the whole movie is about. In both the original and the remake, they both start out with a nightmare. In the original, the nightmare starts out with a girl running through dream and Freddy chasing her. In the remake, it’s completely opposite with a guy that immediately gets killed by Freddy. In the original, the girl is not killed right away and makes it last longer, which is much better. There is a very similar nightmare between the two movies, and one of those is the nightmare the girl has in class. They both fall asleep in class and Freddy chases them around and both do not die in dream. But the differences between those are in the original, the girl realizes she’s dreaming and uses a steam pipe to wake herself up. Then she jumps up screaming and leaves class. In the remake, the girl in class falls asleep and there is a lot more interaction with Freddy. The girl then just wakes up unlike the original, and screams and remains seated. The original is definitely better with the nightmares.

The graphics are the biggest part that makes a movie, especially in this movie. There is a similar scene in the movie which also happens to be a nightmare in the beginning, and is a very big part of the graphics or special effects. In the original, the dream of Freddy stretching through the wall over the girl’s bed and it becomes a cool manual graphics. In the remake, the same dream just seems too much, making it look to fake with all the graphics. The remake had so many graphics and special effects, but with all of that technology and making all of those effects, they still come out looking soft and fake. In the 1984 movie, the graphics are what I call manual graphics, and they are classic and make the original a great movie.

So many may go right off the bat and say the remake is better just by watching the remake and have glimpse memories of the original. But if actually watch this movie you will see that Freddy himself, the music and sound effects, the nightmares, and the graphics make the original a much better flick.

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