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A Dirty Place

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The only thing that strikes me when I remember my last visit is that how dirty the places were! My last visit was to a factory because it was a project of holidays given by my school. The entry to this factory was through a narrow road and then there was a large ground where this ancient factory was built. The places near the factory were poorly maintained and were very filthy. It reflected a bad image of our country, India. The whole garbage was thrown at these places from the factory. I was shocked to see this untidy place and my feelings quickly evolved into anger. I agree that the factories are very beneficial for a country’s economic growth because they create employment and improve the standard of living by introducing new innovative products. But these factories would only be helpful if they are maintained properly. The waste material released from these factories has many environmental setbacks which are to be concerned. People cannot avoid these environmental setbacks and various health problems caused due to the rising pollution.

This pollution has grown incredibly in these centuries because of many reasons but the main reason which I observed there was – garbage of factories extend the pollution like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution etc. In addition to these pollutions, noise pollution is also a major problem for the people existing near those factories. Air pollution rises when the factories release large amount of carbon monoxide, other harmful gases and chemicals into the air. This leads to various kinds of diseases to people and workers who work in the factories. The other kind of pollution caused due to that dirty place was water pollution. It is rising because the factories don’t have proper waste management systems and usually throw the garbage in rivers, canals and later this goes to seas. This polluted water carries harmful bacteria and chemicals that can cause an adverse effect on people’s health. The factories also contribute in land pollution by cutting down the trees and forests for their personal use or for meeting people’s demand.

This raises the problem of deforestation. Factories have also given birth to noise pollution which occurs due to the noises generated while production processes. It leads to hearing problems for the workers who work there and also for the people who live near these factories. The places near the factory which I visited were expanding all these environmental issues. My experience of visiting such a shabby place was really unexpected and disappointing. The mounds of wrappers, plastics, cups, papers, napkins were mixed with sludge which made the places look filthy. After watching this condition of the places, I can say that it is rightly said that –“Water and air, the two essential sources on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans”.

The walls were as black as skillet due to the dark smoke released from the factory. My reaction to these places was filled with anger. How could the consequences of dirty place be ignored? Where was the humanity? Where was the government? All these questions were arising in my mind and I felt very indignant. At last, I would say that there is a great need of cleanliness for such places with the participation of government as well as general public to cease the pollution and make our country a better place to live in. I would also like to suggest that the places near the factories should be checked and changed to an appreciable extent so that people should be saved from dangerous effects of those sloppy and untidy places.

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