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Hefty Hardware

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How effective is the partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the shortcomings of both IT and the business In the Minis case provided, we can understand that there are Communication issues between IT department and business delivery department at Hefty hardware. From this conversation we can clearly state that, the partnership between one department and another department in the entire organization is not very effective. There is no reliable progressive Plan with Hefty that can help decrease communication barrier and drive Business strategy and IT.

From these symptoms we can clearly understand that Hefty is missing Solid Information systems Triangle There are some short comings of IT in this organization as Cheryl O Shea, VP of retail marketing and Glen Vogel COO mentioned in the conversation. The IT people don’t have enough knowledge about Functionality of the business. Which can be prominent backlog as IT people cannot relate their technical work with the business requirements which can cause longer time to deliver their technical development to deliver. These shortcomings can sometimes even because problems like unable to meet the expectation of some business strategies.

In the business department there is a communication gap between the business and IT, which can be eradicated only through effective communication. The Business department in this scenario is unable to convey the functional requirements precisely as there is no proper techno functional group involved. Which has been pointed out by Glen and Paul in the present case study Business is expecting IT people to understand some cross functional jobs which might not even be the job responsibilities of IT people

Create a written plan for how IT and the business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully?

Business department needs to draft the requirements Of the Savvy store programs. The IT department should be more techno functional for understanding and analysis of the current situation of the business. This could be possible by creating Industrial tours or Field trips to the business for gathering functional information to the IT folks and operation of the business. There needs to be multiple meetings to setup for brainstorming the ideas to reach the requirements. All the process and requirements and ideas should be communicated effectively and regularly


There must be SLA’s (Service level agreements) drafted for all the departments so that all the departments agree on their part of delivering the business objectives. Some organizations even maintain fines incase of breach. This kind of agreements is useful for eradicating any kinds of Conflicts between various departments and could be useful to maintain effective system


All the communication must be done effectively to all the departments if there are any proposals about change in the management committee. As there might be new people being involved in the management process. This kind of system will help in understating amongst all the departments about the people responsible for any kinds conflicts and breach in SLA. Whenever the leads of all the departments approve the change IT department should be given go ahead on the development.

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