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205 Easy Ways to Save Earth

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The article “205 Ways to Save the Earth” by Thomas L. Friedman explains that there is no easy ways to save the earth. Instead it’s extremely tough and will take a long time. In today’s world everyone wants to be a part of the green revolution because it makes them look good. However in Friedman’s eyes it’s more of a “green party” (291) because everyone is so focused on having fun and not dealing with the problems at hand. Not all companies have fallen to the green party. For example companies like chevron, have found alternate ways to produce energy without affecting C02 levels. Examples of alternate energy are steam, Heat, and hot water produced by volcanic material which can be used to create safe energy for the environment.

The big problem today is to get the companies that are still using coal and other polluting products to switch over to some of the environmentally friendly alternates. The main goal for our environment is to prevent the C02 levels from doubling by mid-century. To achieve this goal we must avoid the emission of 200 billion tons of carbon, which would be a miracle. Politics are going to play a huge role in whether we can achieve this goal or not. Friedman states “without an areal clash within the Republican and Democratic parties on the issue there will be no green revolution” (298). Solving this problem must start with everyone understanding the severity and toughness that it entails.

Works Cited

Friedman, Thomas. 205 Easy Ways to Save the Earth. 11. Longman: Pearson, 2011. 289-299. Print.

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