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Water Cycle

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1. Which water cycle processes are represented in this model and by what components?

Answer = Evaporation, condensation, sublimation, and precipitation.

2. Which processes are not represented? How could the model be altered to include these processes?

Answer = Transpiration, surface run-off, infiltration, and percolation. With or by adding sand and possibly plants to the assignment would increase our awareness of the other processes.

3. How would the “weather” be affected if the water was at a decreased temperature? What about at an increased temperature?

Answer = At an increased temperature there would be more cloud as our text states warm air can hold more water vapor than cool air. At a decrease temperature, it would be the opposite with less clouds and holding less water vapors.

Experiment 1: Water Movement


1. Develop a hypothesis predicting the effect of sunlight on evaporation?

Hypothesis = Sunlight increases the effect of water vapors, increasing the formation of clouds and water. The warmer the sun makes it, he more of evaporation it will be.

2. Based on the results of your experiment, would you reject or accept the hypothesis that you produced in question 1? Explain how you determined this.

Accept/reject = Accept as I tested this method twice, both with warm and cold water. There was more evaporation and condensation with the warmer water than with the cooler water.

3. What parts of the water cycle are represented in this experiment?

Answer = Infiltration and Percolation

4. How would increasing the proportion of land (sand) to water affect the amount of water vapor released?

Answer = With more sand, there would be less water vapors as the water would fill porous spaces in the soil.

5. How would drought conditions impact infiltration and evaporation from the ground?

Answer = There would not be enough if any water for it to form water vapors or for the water to penetrate the soil, at any rate or location. This would also cause the soil to become dry and brittle, the trees would become weak and eventually die, causing less oxygen for me to breathe in.

1. Turk, J., & Bensel, T. (2011). Contemporary environmental issues. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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