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10 years with iPhone

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The iPhone has become more than just an electronic device to people. In Brian X. CHEN’s article” Dear iPhone: Here’s Why We’re Still Together After 10 Years,” he portrays the importance of the iPhone. Chen is the lead consumer technology writer for The New York Time who had reported on Apple and the wireless industry before joining the Times. He has written many articles in NY times. Brian takes the reader into the world of the iPhone, presenting its core reasons to be distinct from other by explaining its advanced features and how it has changed people’s lives over the years.

This article is successful at bringing the information the reader wants by showing the real-life examples, good tone and word choice, and videos. The article begins with the interesting picture of two hands making a heart surrounding an iPhone, the whole sense of the article can figure out from this picture. It expresses the symbolic representation for the word” we Love iPhone”. Brian uses the word “Dear” in front of iPhone to show its closeness with people. Then, he explains the use of iPhone as a GPS device, Camera, and to check the calendar and email in the second paragraph.

In the next paragraph, Brian uses the quantitative data to demonstrate the fact that iPhone had become the closest friend of people. Further, he tries to show the popularity of iPhone to people saying that despite the higher cost, people prefer it more than any other smartphones. Moreover, Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sandford C. Bernstein, said,” People spend hours on it every day, so they can justify paying more for what they believe to be the best device” this implies that people are aware of the role iPhone is playing in their lives which they don’t want to lose just because of its cost.

As we approach the bottom, Brian discloses the time when iPhone sales had dipped for the first time, especially in southern Asia China and India. People were leaning toward more cheaper and more attractive devices. Even in the 21st century, iPhone has not been able to make its impact in China. In the article by Vindu Goel, “Apple sales exceed expectation as buyers wait for new iPhones,” presented in the apple store, San Francisco, Aug 1, 2017, the Apple company has announced that the revenue fell 10 percent in the year in China.

Apple has to compete with Samsung and other android phones. Toni Sacconaghi said that the rise of Wechat, Chinese chat app, and other social networks have made the choice of iPhones less important to Chinese buyers. It shows Apples had to face the fierce competition in the market to be alive in people’s lives. However, iPhone is now in that precious position where nothing for sure can replace. The article further continues with the explanation of 10th Anniversary event for iPhone.

The article explains the possible upgrades in iPhone. Brian explains the drastic change about iPhone in this version with the new features like face unlocking, ability to charge with magnetic induction and much more. People always expect something new and with these significant changes, iPhone X can satisfy the peoples’ need or may turn out to be something beyond expectation. Brian tries to prove that the iPhone has always brought something new for people because of which they are still believing it. On Youtube. (Sep 12, 2017).

“Apple Launch Event 2017- iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus” online video clip, streamed by Viral Channel, Tim cook has said,” The first iPhone revolutionalized the decades of technology and changed the world in progress. Now, 10 years later, it is fitting that we are here in this place on this day to reveal a product for the next decade”. Brian then pushes the article forward representing the advanced features of the iPhone. He looks back to the past 10 years and how it has gained the trust of people by fulfilling the user’s demand and expectations.

He first explains how supports at Apple store helps user while using iPhone. If there is any problem in the device, it is very tiring to go to the store and repair it. Apple has Genius Bar in Apple store which helps user resolve their problems immediately. He tries to convince the people to buy the iPhone exposing the solution to the problem which they face with mobile phones. Then, he further continues with the security issue. Apple is more secure than Android, as Apple’s IOS can only run the apps that Apple approves.

Android can run the software beyond the Google’s store which may carry malware and viruses. Considering the people’s worries over security issue and the role this feature plays to lure them, Brian adds more truth over the security issue by illustrating the saying of Jan Dawson, an independent analysis of Jackdaw research, in this article where he says,” The iPhone is still arguably the best Phone for regular people who just want their device to work without having to worry about lots of technical settings or malware”( source: Brian X. Chen,” Dear iPhone: Here’s Why We’re Still Together After 10 Years”, published in the NY Times, Aug 23, 2017).

Everyone wants the device that protects their privacy effectively. He proves this point by showing the information where Apple engage in major legal battle with F. B. I while denying the request to weaken the iPhone encryption. Moreover, he says that Electronic Frontier Foundation and electronic privacy information center had praised the Apple for maintaining customer’s privacy with the features like built-in encryption and browsing technology.

Brian then talks about Apple ecosystem and shows how every device like Macs, the Apple tv, and especially Apple Watch make us difficult to leave the ecosystem once we get into it. So, if a person buys an Apple device, he will likely get other devices that support Apple. Associated Press,” iPhone account for 18. 2 Percent of smartphones sales but 92 percent of industry profits: study,” published on Gadgets 360, an NDTV venture, 21 July 2015, Wall Street analysts estimate Apple will report a hefty $10. 3 billion (roughly Rs. 65,565 crores) in profit after selling $49 billion (roughly Rs. 3,11,911 crores) worth of iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and other products during the April-June quarter. Then, Brian calls the Apple a trusted brand, as he wants to show it has always satisfied the customer’s demand and become worthy to be dependable.

Brian’s “Dear iPhone: Here’s Why We’re Still Together After 10 Years” is an article that proves why iPhone has become the People’s first choice? Right from the day of its release, it had changed people’s way of living. The article is informative and has successfully provided all the information with a real-life example, video, easily understood language, pictures, and good tone.

The author has used impressive writing skill with very strong points to support the topic and the information he is trying to deliver to the reader.


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