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Work in partnership with families to provide appropraite care for children

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1. Describe some typical reactions of parents/ carers to separation from their child in child care. Crying and anxiety
wanting to check up/ see their child
Not wanting to leave/ sticking around
Children staring at door
Children repeating that they want their carer

2. Identify some strategies for involving family members in a childhood educations and care services Mothers/ father’s day
Photo day
Christmas day/ Easter/ other holidays days
Learning stories
Visits & show and tell

3. Identify the value of participation by parents/ carers in children’s services- for the child, the parent/ carer and service. Comfort
Reduced anxiety
Leadership role
Monitor what is happening
See a bigger picture of the children’s life outside of home Resources & new information for the parent or caregiver
Receive support and feedback
Good reputation for the centre
Help with excursions

4. Conduct research to find a policy or procedure from a children’s services organisation regarding parent participation, and report on it briefly. Carer must be over 18years old to pick up the child unless it’s the parent Showing ID

Access code
Fees for not picking their child up before closing time
Singing in and out everyday

Assessment tool: (AT3) Project
Consider these scenarios. Tess is three years of age and just started to attend a childhood education and care service while her parents work full-time. Jamie is four years of age and attends a preschool each morning while his single mother looks after his younger sibling. Huy is eight years of age and has recently migrated to Australia from Vietnam and is enrolling for OSHC. Huy and his parents speak very little English. 1. Explain how you might gather information about Tess’s needs, routines and preferences on an ongoing basis. Enrolment form

Direct conversation with Tess & Parents or caregivers (asking questions) Develop a relationship with the child

2. Explain how you might briefly father information about the recent move to Australia and how that might influence Huy’s behaviour. Cultural differences & religious differences
Financial stability might be an issue
Eye contact/ observing
Enrolment form

3. Explain how you might maintain confidentially of the information you gain about Huy from his parents Interpreter
Allow more time
Enrolment forms in a different language/format
Secure filing cabinets

4. Explain why it might be important to exchange information about Jamie’s interest between his mother and educators at the preschool centre. Build a relationship
Provide extra support
Sleeping routines
Likes and dislikes will be known

5. Tess’s parents use permissive child care practices. Explain how this might affect Tess’s care at the centre. Difficulties with sharing
More encouraging to play with others
Develop a relationship; exploring rules and consequences
Explain rules and consequences to parents and let parents know the skills acquired

6. Explain how you might actively seek Tess’s parent’s requests to relation to their child’s care. Learning story and daily activities book

7. Create an example of a conversation the might have with Tess’s parents, demonstrating negotiation techniques, and appropriate communication strategies. Lack of a routine: Using the sandwich technique

Positive: Tess is a happy and active child
negative: She does find the late afternoon more difficult, she seems tired and could use a nap positive: we want her to be happy at the centre and a routine at a rest/nap after lunch seems to help her play better in the afternoon.

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